Finding Books

Finding Books: Using the Library Catalog

To find books in the Cal State L.A. library use the online Library Catalog. Books can be searched by keyword, author, title, or subject. Subject searching requires the use of Library of Congress Subject Headings. If you are not familiar with Library of Congress Subject Headings you can get an overview by reading our help screen on the topic. Included in our book collection are number of bibliographies on Chicano Studies. Bibliographies are lists of books and/or articles on a particular topic or area. Listed below are some of the bibliographies available which can assist you in identifying literature by and about Chicanos and Latinos. I have provided the call numbers for your convenience.

  • Bibliografia Chicana : A guide to information sources 

  • Call# ref Z1361.M4 T73 (1st Floor-Library North)
  • Bibliografia de Aztlan; An annotated Chicano bibliography 

  • Call# Z1361.M4 C33 (Palmer-4th)
  • A Bibliography of Criticism of Contemporary Chicano Literature 

  • Call# Z1229.M48 E36 1982 (Palmer-4th)
  • Bibliography of Mexican American history

  • Call# Z1361.M4 M414 1984 (Palmer-4th)
  • The Chicana : A comprehensive bibliographic study 

  • Call# Z1361.M4 C245 (Palmer-4th)
  • Selected Bibliography for Chicano Studies 

  • Call# Z1361.M4 G654 1975 (Palmer-4th)