PC: File Transfer With WS_FTP


 Using WS FTP to Download & Upload Files

1. Launch WS FTP. The first windows that you should get is the "Session Properties" window:
2. Once you have launched WS-FTP you must fill out the appropriate login information in the "Session Properties" window to connect to the server. In this example we want to connect to Sol. The information should be filled in as follows under the GENERAL section:
    Profile Name This is just the name of the connection. It has no effect on which server you connect to. You can name it "L-Web"  or "Library Web" to help you remember where you will be connecting.
    Host Name/Address This field is very important. You must give it the exact server address/name. For Sol it is sol.calstatela.edu
    Host Type This field should be left in Automatic Detect
    User ID In this field you must type in your NIS login ID
    Password In this field you must type your NIS password
    Account This field should be left blank
    Comment This field should be left blank
3. Once you have filled in your information, the Session properties window should look like this:
4. Then click on the Startup tab.
5. In the Initial Remote Site Folder type in: /vol/www-data/library/bi/(your NIS login Id)/ and in the Initital Local Folder type in the directory where you will be storing your web documents on your hard drive. (see example above)

6. Click on the"Apply" button and then the "OK" button to connect. (Next time you want to ftp a file all you have to do is look for the connection profile by the name you gave it and click on "OK.")

7. You will bring up a window with a divider in the middle. The right side of the window displays the files located on what is called The Remote System (in this case your subdirectory on the web server and the left side displays the files located on the Local System (The hard drive on the local computer).

8. Locate the desired file either on the local system or the remote system,  by double clicking on the arrow pointing upwards with the two dots beside it  you can go up one directory to search for the file. You can also change directory by clicking on the "change directory button  and typing in the directory you need.

9. Once you have located the desired file you can transfer it either -from the local system to the remote system- or         - from the remote system to the local system-. To transfer a file:

    • Select the destination location (where you would like the file to be transferred to i.e. your c drive
    • Select the file by clicking on it ONCE (Do Not Double Click)
    • In the middle of the screen click on the arrow pointing in the direction of the destination location. i.e. to send a file to a local system click on the arrow pointing to the left .

    • A small window will appear showing the status of the file transfer.

    • You should now see the file within the destination location.
    Note: The first 5 steps only have to be done the first time you use ws ftp. Once the configurations are set you just have to choose the profile name (step 2) from the list to connect to the library web server.