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Book Replacement

Criteria for the Replacement of Books by Patrons

This document details the criteria used by the Library determine whether to accept a book brought in by a patron to replace a book that has been lost. If a replacement book is acceptable a patron's bill for a lost book will be reduced by the replacement cost. Other processing and use fees applicable to the bill still must be paid.

Normally, the replacement book should be identical to the one lost. It should be same edition, have the same binding and be new or in near new condition. Such books will be accepted immediately as a replacement by full time Access Services or LAO staff.

Realizing that this is not always possible, replacement books not meeting the above criteria will be considered by the Collection Development Librarian. The patron will be notified within 7 days of submitting such a book if it is acceptable. If it is, the bill will be reduced by the amount of the replacement cost. If it is not acceptable the bill will remain unchanged and the book returned to the patron. The Library reserves the right to refuse a book it believes cannot function as a useful replacement for the lost book for any reason. At a minimum, a patron seeking to obtain a replacement book should be aware that all of the following minimum criteria must be met.



  • The replacement book must be structurally sound with all pages intact.
  • The pages must not be yellowed or brittle.
  • Markings and highlights must be minimal or none at all.
  • The book cannot have been part of another library's collection, even if withdrawn.


  • It is preferable that the replacement book has a cloth binding (hardback). However, if the replacement book is only available as a paperback, a $10.00 binding fee will be charged.
  • Mass-market paperbacks (approximately 7" x 4.25" or smaller) are NOT acceptable as replacements.


  • The replacement book must be the same or a later edition than the lost one. Earlier editions are not acceptable.
  • If applicable, the replacement book must have the same translator and illustrator as the lost one.

Downloadable Replacement Copy Checklist (PDF)