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Journal Search

The CUFTS Journal Search web page is a full-text journal locator for journals contained in electronic collections and databases at a variety of libraries.  CUFTS was developed by the Simon Fraser University Library.

Cal State LA users may first want to start with our Journal Name Search page which is customized to link you to our electronic subscriptions. We do not customize CUFTS to do this.

For Cal State LA users, the best use of CUFTS is to locate collections and databases containing full text journals to which Cal State LA does not subscribe. To have access to these articles, you will need to visit the library that owns that resource.  CUFTS can be helpful in telling you whether any other local library owns the journal you are seeking.

Please ask a reference librarian if you need help locating Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper articles or using the CUFTS Journal Search Tool.

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