New Databases

New Databases

ORBIS Company Information across the Globe (Added Spring 2011)
ORBIS is a comprehensive database of companies coving information and data for 65,000 companies around the world and over 99% of the companies available on ORBIS are private companies. The database provides information on company financials, financial strength indicators, contacts, original filing, detailed corporate structures, industry research as well as business and company related news. The database can be used to research for individual companies, search for companies by profile and create your own analysis.

International Financial Statistics (Added Spring 2011)
IFS covers exchange rates, fund accounts and the main global and cuntry economic indicators for more than 200 countries dating back to 1948.

Ovid Nursing Full Text PLUS (Added Spring 2011)
Ovid Nursing Full Text PLUS contains 43 premier nurisng journals from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and the nursing subset of MedLine. These scholarly journals cover clinical and theoretical content.

MarketLine (Added Spring 2011)
Marketline provides company and industry insight on a global scale. It is a comprehensive collection of company, industry and country information extending across all continents and every major industry. MarketLine provides statistical modelling functions, interactive reports and databases along with an integrated news service updated on a daily basis.

BizMiner (Added Winter 2011)
BizMiner is a company and industry intelligence database. Its unique content includes industry financial ratios, balance sheet and detailed profit and loss statements for 10,000 lines of business, including some hard to find small businesses that don't exist as large industries. Important regional business statistics and financial benchmarks are also included. It is very useful for marketing, management and accounting classes that require sample financial statements for lines of businesses by region and business type.

EconLit (Added Winter 2011)
It provides links to full-text articles in all fields of economics, including capital markets, country studies, econometrics, economic forecasting, environmental economics, government regulations, labor economics, monetary theory, urban economics and much more.

SRDS (Added Winter 2011)
SRDS Media Solutions is the largest and most comprehensive database of advertising/media markets including detailed viewer/reader demographics. It catalogues more than 100,000 media properties in business and consumer magazines, newspapers, broadcast, interactive, out-of-home and direct marketing lists. Because of its wide acceptance in advertising agencies around the world, SRDS has become an important element in many marketing and advertising curricula the recent acquisition/merger of Nielsen data also makes this database critical for the study of communications, radio and television.

AdvertisingAge (Added Winter 2011)
AdvertisingAge is a premier publication on advertising trends and metrics. It provodes up to the minute analysis and data for understanding advertising campaigns including their cost, reach and value. AdAge Datacenter includes specialized documents related to the business of advertising and marketing that are unavailable elsewhere including top global advertisers and advertising markets.

IBISWorld (Added Summer 2010)
IBISWorld Industry Reports database provides U.S. industry research and analysis for 700 different market segments. Each industry report presents answers to top market research questions, and is used for understanding market size, competitors, drafting business plans, benchmarking, forecasting, business valuations, litigation support, due diligence and more. Each market report is available online in HTML and PDF format.

Trial Databases

Gale World Scholar: Latin America & The Caribbean
(Trial ends: June 30th, 2011)