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Mixed Full Text / IndexABI/INFORM (Proquest) (Business)
Full TextAccuNet/AP Multimedia (Image archive)
Full TextACS Publications (Chemistry)
Mixed Full Text / IndexAcademic Search (General academic)
Full TextAcademic Universe (General, business, law)
Index / Abstract / Catalog AgeLine (Gerontology)
Full TextAIP Online Journals  (Physics)
Full TextAlt Health Watch (Alternative medicine)
Index / Abstract / CatalogAlternative Press Index
Full TextAMS Journals (Mathematics)
Mixed Full Text / IndexAmerica History & Life (U.S. & Canada)
Full TextAMSPEC (Business, economics & finance)
Index / Abstract / CatalogAnthropological Index
Index / Abstract / CatalogArt Index
Index / Abstract / CatalogArticle First (general)
Mixed Full Text / IndexASCE Online Journals (Civil engineering)
Full TextASME Online Journals (Mech. engineering)
Index / Abstract / CatalogBAS - Bibliography of Asian Studies
Index / Abstract / CatalogBasic Biosis (Biology)
Index / Abstract / CatalogBiography & Genealogy Master Index
Index / Abstract / CatalogBiography Index
Full TextBiography (Lexis-Nexis) (politicians, bus. executives, etc.)
Index / Abstract / CatalogBook Review Digest
Index / Abstract / CatalogBooks in Print
Full TextBritannica Online (encyclopedia)
Index / Abstract / CatalogCalifornia Periodicals Database
Full TextCareer Guide to Industries
Index / Abstract / CatalogCARL UnCover
Index / Abstract / CatalogCatalog (Our Library Catalog)
Index / Abstract / CatalogCatalog of U.S. Gov. Pubs.
Full TextCCH Tax Research Network
Index / Abstract / CatalogChicano Database
Full TextCIA World Factbook (Countries)
Mixed Full Text / IndexCINAHL (Nursing & Allied Health)
Full TextCollegeSource (College Catalogs)
Index / Abstract / CatalogComAbstracts (Communication Studies)
Mixed Full Text / IndexComputer Database
Full TextCongressional Universe (U.S. Congress)
Full TextContemporary Authors (Biographies)
Full TextContemporary Literary Criticism
Full TextCountry Profiles (Lexis-Nexis) (facts & statistics)
Full TextCountryWatch (facts & news)
Full TextCountry Watch Forecast
Full TextCQ Researcher (Current events)
Full TextCQ Weekly (U.S. Politics)
Mixed Full Text / IndexCriminal Justice Periodicals Index
Index / Abstract / CatalogCriminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)
Index / Abstract / CatalogCSU Union Catalog
Full TextCurriculum Resource Center (CRC/ Facts on File
Full Text
Datapro  (InfoTech Business)
Full TextDictionaries (English + 230 languages)
Full TextDictionary of Literary Biography
Index / Abstract / CatalogDissertations Abstracts
Full TextDow Jones (General, business)
Mixed Full Text / IndexEBSCOHost Databases (all four EBSCO databases)
Mixed Full Text / IndexEBSCOHost Academic Search Premier (General academic)
Mixed Full Text / IndexEBSCOHost Military & Government Collection
Mixed Full Text / Index EBSCOHost Primary Search
Index / Abstract / CatalogEconLit (Economics)
Full TextEDRS (ERIC ED document)
Index / Abstract / CatalogEducation Abstracts
Index / Abstract / CatalogEI Village (Engineering & technology)
Full TextEmerald (management, marketing, engineering)
Mixed Full Text / IndexERIC (Education)
Index / Abstract / CatalogERIC/AE Test Locator (Testing Instruments)
Index / Abstract / CatalogEssays & General Literature
Full TextEthnic News Watch (English/Español)
Full TextFactiva (Business)
Full TextFacts on File/Curriculum Resource Center (CRC)
Index / Abstract / CatalogFedStats (Government statistics)
Full TextFISonline (Business & finance)
Full TextGale Literary Databases
Full TextGartner's Datapro
    (InfoTech Business)
Full TextGender Watch (Women's & gender issues)
Index / Abstract / CatalogGeneral Science Abstracts
Index / Abstract / CatalogGeoBase (Geology & Ecology)
Index / Abstract / CatalogGPO Access (Government databases)
Index / Abstract / CatalogGPO Catalog (Government publications)
Full TextGrove Dictionary of Art
Full TextGrove Dictionary of Music
Index / Abstract / CatalogHandbook of Latin American Studies
Index / Abstract / CatalogHispanic American Periodicals Index
Mixed Full Text / IndexHistorical Abstracts (World history not U.S. & Canada)
Index / Abstract / CatalogHumanities Abstracts
Full TextIDEAL (Science, Soc. Sci.)
Full TextIEEE Xplore (Engineering)
Index / Abstract / CatalogIngenta
Index / Abstract / Catalogjake (E-resources index)
Full TextJSTOR (Humanities/Soc. Sci.)
Full Text Kluwer Academic Publishers (KAP, general academic)
Full TextKodansha Encyclopedia of Japan
Full TextLegi-Slate (government)
Full TextLexis-Nexis (general, business, law)
Index / Abstract / CatalogLibrary Catalog (CSULA)
Index / Abstract / CatalogLibrary Literature
Index / Abstract / CatalogLinguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)
Index / Abstract / CatalogLos Angeles Times
Index / Abstract / CatalogMarcive (Government Documents Catalog)
Index / Abstract / CatalogMathSciNet (Pure & applied math)
Index / Abstract / CatalogMEDLINE (Medicine)
Index / Abstract / CatalogMelvyl Catalog (UC Libraries; Calif. State docs)
Full TextMergent Online (Business & finance)
Index / Abstract / CatalogMLA (Literature, language, linguistics)
Index / Abstract / CatalogNational Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)
Full TextNewspapers (Proquest) (150+ newspapers)
Full TextOccupational Outlook Handbook
Full TextOxford English Dictionary
Index / Abstract / CatalogPAIS International (Public Affairs)
Index / Abstract / CatalogPapersFirst (Conference Papers)
Full TextPerseus Project (Greek & Roman)
Index / Abstract / CatalogPhilosopher's Index (Philosophy)
Full TextPolls & Surveys (Lexis-Nexis) (Ropers)
Index / Abstract / CatalogPopulation Index (World demographics)
Mixed Full Text / IndexPrimary Search
Index / Abstract / CatalogProceedings (Conference Citations)
Full TextProject Muse (Scholarly journals)
Full TextProject Vote Smart (U.S. politics)
Mixed Full Text / IndexPsycINFO (Psychology)
Index / Abstract / (books in print)
Full TextQuotations (Lexis-Nexis)
Full TextRand California (Calif. Statistics)
Index / Abstract / CatalogReaders Guide Abstracts (general)
Index / Abstract / CatalogRILM (Music)
Mixed Full Text / IndexScienceDirect
Index / Abstract / CatalogShakespeare Bibliography Online
Mixed Full Text / IndexSocial Science Database Archive
Index / Abstract / CatalogSocial Sciences Abstracts
Index / Abstract / CatalogSocial Work Abstracts
Index / Abstract / CatalogSociological Abstracts
Index / Abstract / CatalogSport Discus (Sports & sports medicine)
Full TextStanford Encyclopedia
    of Philosophy
Full TextState Profiles (Lexis-Nexis) (facts & statistics)
Full TextStatistical Abstract (U.S. statistics)
Mixed Full Text / IndexStat-USA (statistics)
Mixed Full Text / IndexTrial Databases (Free Trial Databases)
Full TextTwayne Authors Series (literary criticism)
Index / Abstract / CatalogUnion List of Periodicals (Library catalog)
Full TextValueLine Investment Survey
Index / Abstract / CatalogWebSpirs (SilverPlatter databases)
Full TextWebster Dictionary (Collegiate, 10th ed.)
Full TextWiley InterScience
Full TextWorld Almanacs
Index / Abstract / CatalogWorldCat (World library catalog)
Index / Abstract / CatalogWorld Shakespeare Bibliography Online 
Index / Abstract / CatalogWorldwide Political Science Abstracts
Full Text Zack's Univ. Analyst Watch (Investment Data)