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Journal Articles-Most Useful
Mixed Full Text / IndexAcademic Search Premier (EBSCOHost)
Index / Abstract / CatalogAnthropology Plus (Anthropology, interdisciplinary)
Index / Abstract / CatalogSocial Sciences Abstracts (Shows holdings)
Index / Abstract / CatalogSociological Abstracts (Wide coverage)

Journal Articles-Also Useful
Full TextAlt Health Watch (For cross-cultural medicine)
Index / Abstract / CatalogArticle First (large title-word index)
Mixed Full Text / IndexCriminal Justice Periodicals Index
Full TextEthnic News Watch
Full TextGender Watch (Women's & gender issues)
Index / Abstract / CatalogGeneral Science Abstracts (Some Anthro)
Index / Abstract / CatalogHandbook of Latin American Studies
Index / Abstract / CatalogHispanic American Periodicals Index
Index / Abstract / CatalogHumanities Abstracts (For folklore)
Full TextJSTOR
Index / Abstract / CatalogMEDLINE (For Medical Anthro)
Full TextPerseus Project (Greek & Roman - archaeology)
Full TextProject Muse
Full TextScienceDirect

Index / Abstract / CatalogCSULA Catalog
Index / Abstract / CatalogWorldCat (World library catalog)
Index / Abstract / CatalogMELVYL (UC Libraries)
Index / Abstract / CatalogLocal Library Web Catalogs

Reference Sources
Full TextBritannica Online (Encyclopedia)
Full TextCIA World Factbook (Countries)
Full TextGrove Dictionary of Art (Art/artifacts-)
Full TextStatistical Abstract (U.S.)
Full TextWorld Almanacs

Web Sites
Full Text Argus Clearninghouse (Scholarly guide)
Full TextOur Recommended

Newspaper Articles
Full TextNewspapers (Proquest) (150+ newspapers)
Full TextLexis-Nexis

Index / Abstract / CatalogDissertations Abstracts (Theses)
Index / Abstract / CatalogPapersFirst (Conference Papers)
Index / Abstract / CatalogProceedings (Conference Citations