Ingenta [formerly CARL UnCover] - A CSLA Library Database

Ingenta [formerly CARL UnCover]
SUBJECTS: Large database covering most academic and popular journals in all subjects
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Unrestricted -- a public domain database

  • As a public domain database, gives users:
    • free access to the article summaries of over 20,000 publications, and
    • on a individual user, pay-per-view basis, access to the full-text of over 4,500 publications from 150 publishers.
  • NOTE: In late Spring 2001, CARL UnCover merged with Ingenta. On 1 July 2001, CSLA stopped subscribing to the subscription version. As a result, CARL Reveal Research Alerts are no longer available. However, another similar free service is available from INFOTRIEVE TOC Alerts. INFOTRIEVE is a fee-based, journal article delivery service. Before paying for a journal article to be delivered to you, we suggest that you:

    1st -- Check the Library Catalog - Periodicals Finding List to see if the CSULA Library holds the journal (either in print or online) in which the article you want is located.
    2nd-- Use our CSULA Interlibrary Loanservice and let us retieve the article for you, free-of-charge, from another library.