AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive

AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive    FULL-TEXT
SUBJECTS: Photo, graphics and text archive covering all subjects
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  • The AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive is the most comprehensive archive of photos, text, audio and graphics available online. It contains:
    1. PHOTOS: The AP current year's photo library and a wide selection of images from their vast negative and print library, dating from the 1840s. It contains over 750,000 photos and continues to grow daily as hundreds of new photos are added.
    2. GRAPHICS: The AP graphics collection features thousands of informative AP graphics including information graphics, diagrams, maps, charts, logos, and more.
    3. TEXT: Full text was recently added and now includes more than 250,000 articles dating back to July, 1997. Also available is "The Wire", a database of more than 10,000 items that cover top stories worldwide from the last two weeks.
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