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SUBJECTS: Comprehensive information from and about the U.S. Congress
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ProQuest Congressional Publications provides access to historical and current Congressional information and publications on all aspects of legislation. The database indexes and provides selected full-text for Congressional Committee Prints, House and Senate Documents and Reports (Congressional Serial Set), Hearings, and Legislative Histories. It also covers full text of congressional working papers and bills, as well as the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, the U.S. Code, and the Congressional Record. It provides access to a wide variety of additional information, including member biographical and committee assignment information, voting records, and financial data.


Indexing and abstracts only:

  • House and Senate Reports (Serial Set), 1970-1990
  • House and Senate Documents (Serial Set), 1970-1995
  • Committee Prints, 1970-1993


  • House and Senate Reports (Serial Set), 1990-present
  • House and Senate Documents (Serial Set), 1995-present
  • Committee Prints (selected full-text), 1993-2004
  • Hearings, 1824-2003 (with selected transcripts for subsequent years)
  • Legislative Histories, 1969-present (abbreviated format 1969-1998)
  • Bills, 1989-present
  • Public Laws, 1988-present
  • Congressional Record (Daily edition), 1985-present
  • Washington Post, 1987-present
  • Congressional Roll Call, 1998-present
  • CQ Political News Transcripts, 1995-present
  • Code of Federal Regulations, 1981-present
  • Federal Register, 1980-present
  • Voting Records, 1988-present
  • Key Votes in Congress, 1987-present
  • Campaign Contributions, 1987-present
  • Campaign Finances, 1989-present
  • Member Financial Disclosures, 1991-present

For information on the complete coverage of this database, go to Coverage and update schedule for ProQuest Congressional content.

With this database you can:

  • Monitor legislation and public policy on almost any topic
  • Pinpoint expert testimony on today's leading issues
  • Tap authoritative sources of statistics, projections and analyses
  • Discover a law's intent by tracing its legislative history
  • Review the federal regulations that implement legislation
  • Gauge congressional attitudes toward current topics
  • Find out how members of Congress voted on legislation
  • Learn the makeup and mission of congressional committees
  • Investigate the finances of members of Congress


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