ERIC - A CSLA Library Database

SUBJECTS: Education
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  • There are a number of free-Web, Public Domain sites.
  • Index, with abstracts, to journal articles, unpublished reports, and other documents in the field of education.
  • ERIC consists of two files:
    CIJE - Current Index to Journals in Education which indexes over 750 professional journals - all are assigned ERIC numbers beginning with an EJ (Eric journal).
    For EBSCOHost ERIC users: approximately 170 of the 750 journals are available online in full-text; there are no online full-text journal available via OCLC ERIC.
    RIE - Resources in Education which indexes a variety of documents; all are assigned ERIC numbers beginning with an ED (Eric document).
    Both OCLC and EBSCOHost users have access to online full-text ED records via subscription links to EDRS but there is a difference in coverage. OCLC includes ED documents from 1993 to the present, while EBSCOHost includes ED documents from 1996 to the present. Not all ED documents in these periods are available online. Inclusion depends on the authors original copyright agreement with EDRS. Typically 80% of ED documents permit online full-text usage. HINT: on OCLC look for the EDRS link at the bottom of the detailed record.
  • Coverage: 1966 to date. Updated monthly.