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Federal Government WWW Sites

Infomine. Created and developed by the Government Publications Librarians at UC Riverside, this virtual library is notable for its collection of annotated and indexed links. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start looking for specific government information on the Web.

FirstGov. FirstGov is a one-stop, easy-to-use web portal to all government online services.

YAHOO! Government. Searching this category yields results which may include government web pages for any level of government anywhere in the world. Be sure to limit your search to "just this category". You can narrow your search by first selecting a subcategory on this page.

Federal Web Locator. An outstanding resource for finding federal agency web pages, this site is organized to match the U.S. Government Manual and also provides a search engine.

Official Federal Government Web Sites. This "Library of Congress Internet Resource Page" fully covers the Executive Branch and the Independent Agencies (the CIA, EPA, FCC, and many others). LC maintains a Legislative Branch site, with many links to law sources and other Congressional and related pages, as well as a Judicial Branch site.

GPO Access. This site is a gateway to online sources of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the U.S. government including the U.S. Code, Commerce Business Daily, the Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Register, the Congressional Record, and much, much more.

Thomas. Search full text and summaries of federal bills and resolutions, links to text of amendments in the Congressional Record, amendment summaries, and full text of U.S. public laws (enrolled bills).

2000 U.S. Census. Data from the 2000 U.S. Census. Full analysis of the 2000 Census is still in process. Many major tables are already published, and there is an online computer program ("American Fact-Finder") which allows users to request complilation of some specific data online.
For more information about when specific portions of the 2000 Census will be released, see
Census 2000 Release Schedule

1990 U.S. Census LOOKUP. Search for specific data from the fully completed 1990 U.S Census.

Stat-USA. Current U.S. economic data, along with full-text international business, economic, trade, and marketing information from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and some 50 other U.S. government agencies. Includes the complete National Trade Data Bank. Updated continuously.

FedStats: One-Stop Shopping for Federal Statistics. Provides amazingly quick and easy access to the complete range of publicly-available statistics produced by more than 70 U.S. government agencies.

Government Information Sharing Project. This superb site, created and maintained by the Information Services staff at the Oregon State University Library, provides searchable access to such federal government statistics sources as the 1990 Census of Population and Housing, the 1992 Economic Census, the Census of Agriculture (1992, 1987, 1982), School District Data Book Profiles, 1989-1990, the Equal Employment Opportunity File, 1990, and much more!

IRS - Tax Forms and Publications. Download current year tax forms and publications directly from the IRS web site. Forms and publications from 1992 onward are also available.

Caltech's Government Information Resources Page. Another fine site from which to explore a very wide range of government and political resources.

University of Michigan's Documents Center. An amazingly rich resource, loaded with student-friendly information.