OCLC Group 2 Databases

OCLC Group 2 Databases
SUBJECTS: Many Subjects
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  • OCLC FirstSearch offers more than 60 databases for access by libraries and other institutions on a subscription basis. Our Library has made arrangements with OCLC to access 40 of these databases. We divide these 40 databases into two groups depending on subscription type.
    Our "Group 2 currently includes these 6 databases:

    We subscribe to these databases on a "pay-per-search" basis (not a flat subscription rate). But this does NOT mean that you, the user, pay for each search. It means that the JFK Memorial Library, the subscriber, pays each time a search request is typed in, and the "enter" key is hit to perform the search.

  • Please Note: Our use of the terms "Group 1 and "Group 2" is specific to the CSLA Library Web, as a convenient, easy-to-understand way of noting the difference between the two groups of FirstSearch databases. These are our terms, and not OCLC's.