Library Food and Drink Policy

Food & Drink Policy

In order to protect the library's collections, equipment, & furniture and to maintain a clean and healthy environment for all our patrons, FOOD is not permitted in the library

Beverages (non-alcoholic) are now permitted, provided they are in a protective container.  Drinks should be in spill-proof mugs or plastic (non-breakable) bottles with a  "secure" cap or lid.  No canned beverages, paper/plastic cups, glass, or open containers are allowed. 

Library staff will have final approval over any sort of beverage container allowed
in the library and reserve the right to exclude any container for any reason.

No food OR drinks allowed near computers, printers, or AV equipment 

How You Can Help Preserve Library Resources

Food and food residues (such as oil and sugar) attract rats, rodents, & insects and may destroy or damage books, computers and other equipment, and library furnishings.

If you observe a spill, please notify a staff member right away.

Thank you for helping to preserve your resources.