Using Library Catalog to Locate CSLA Library Materials

Locating Library Materials


Call Numbers

& Building
In the Library Catalog, when viewing individual library records for a title, you will find a LOCATION / CALL NUMBER / STATUS box like this one.

1> North-2ndHD30.19 .D43 1999 DUE 01/23/00

In order to find the displayed item in the Library
  • copy the LOCATION and
  • complete CALL NUMBER information.
  • Include all characters and numbers; be exact.
    1> North-2nd
    Understanding the LOCATION Box
    North Library North is larger of the two Library buildings. It is the building where the Loan Desk and the Reference Center are located.
    Palmer Palmer Wing is the smaller of our two Library buildings. It is connected to Library North on the three floors above ground level.
    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,
    A and B
    Level B in Library North is one story below ground level; Level A is the next floor down.
    GIS Palmer-2nd GIS (Government Information Services) is located on the 2nd Floor of Library North. Most United States and California government documents are available here.
    PERIODICALS North A Level-A, Library North. [This is two floors below ground level.]
    Oversized Large books, also called "folios" or "oversized" are placed AT THE END of regular call number ranges ON EVERY FLOOR. For example: A - K books are shelved on the 3rd floor of Library North and all A - K oversized books are shelved after the regular sized K books.
    REFERENCE All high-use Reference books are shelved behind the Reference Center on the 1st Floor, Library North. Older reference books are shelved in the Reference Annex Section on Level A.
    RESERVES Ask for this Library material at the Loan Desk, 1st Floor, Library North.
    [other designations] A number of other special location designations may also appear on the screen. Most are self-explanatory. Please ask at the Reference Center if you don't understand a location designation.
    HD30.19 .D43 1999
    Understanding the CALL NUMBER Box
    HD30.19 .D43 1999 Call numbers tell you where an item is located on the shelves. Because books with similar call numbers will also have similar subjects, you may find other books on the subject you're looking for next to the one you want. Call numbers are arranged both alphabetically (A before B, RA before RB, etc.), and numerically, (5499 before 5500, 5401.5 before 5402, etc.). See Understanding Call Numbers.
    DUE 01/23/00
    Understanding the STATUS Box
    NOT CHECKD OUT It means the item is not checked out.
    DUE 7/23/99 The item is checked out to a patron and is due back by the date shown. You may place a hold on it at the Loan Desk. When the item is returned you will be notified.
    LIBRARY USE ONLY The item cannot be checked out of the Library.
    MISSING This item is missing. You may request this book through Interlibrary Loan at the Loan Desk, First Floor, Library North.
    MISSING + HOLD The item is missing and is being searched for.
    RECENTLY RETURNED The item has been recently returned to the Library. If you can't find it, come to the Loan Desk, 1st Floor, Library North, and place a hold on the item. You will be notified when it is located.
    JUST ARRIVED The item has just arrived in the Library. You can come to the Loan Desk, 1st Floor, Library North, and place a hold on the item.
    ON ORDER [date] The book was ordered for the Library on the date shown.
    UNDER CONSIDERATION The book is being considered for purchase.
    IN PROCESS The book has arrived and is being prepared for use. You may place a hold on this item at the Loan Desk.

    Locating PERIODICAL Title and Holdings Information

    In the Library Catalog, when viewing individual library records for a PERIODICAL title, you will find one or more LOCATION boxes like these for the business periodical called Forbes.

    NOTE: The call number appears within periodical titles in three places, each shown below with a large burgundy check mark.

    This information tells you:
    • The call number of this title is: HF5001 .F6 and appears in THREE (3) locations on the record.
    • The Library owns this periodical in a paper edition, from v.79 (1957) to current; and a microform edition, from v.125 (1980) to current.
    • The paper edition is located within Periodicals, North building, Level-A.
    • The latest issue of the paper version of this periodical received at the Library is: September 6, 1999, volume no. 164, issue no. 5.
    • The Library holds a microform subscription to this title, which is also located within Periodicals, North building, Level-A.
    • In microform, the latest volume received is volume 162.

    If you need further information about this periodical title, you can click on the Latest Received link.

    Always remember to copy down the call number
    BEFORE you search for a title in the shelves.