Online Guides - Guides for Operating Library Databases

Guides for Operating Library Databases
= handouts available in the Library
Guides which Apply to All Electronic Databases
Access Library Databases From Home
This Library Web page and its branches, give all the information you need to access Library databases from workstations located off campus.

Our Library Catalog (OPAC)
The WEB VERSION is so easy to search that it needs no search guides. Instead, relevant search assistance is built into the catalog and available whenever you might need it. These Web catalog instructions are also available:

These TELNET VERSION guides still apply. Even through the Web version is easy to use, many users still prefer the telnet version. If you have a Web connection, you can use it to telnet to our Library Catalog to using this link: telnet://

Selective Library Database Guides
The Library recommends that you use the online help screens and guides which come with each database.
We have developed these two guides to assist you in doing direct citation searching in heavily used full-text databases.

Step-by-Step Guides   From Library W.I.S.E. workshops!
Designed for novice users, the five database guides listed below display the actual database screen image in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step description of how to use the more important initial features of the indicated database. These guides are in: These files are very large; if you are using a slow dial up modem for access, please note that these guides may take five minutes or more to download.

For more information about Library W.I.S.E. Database Workshops, go here.


You will find all our Library handouts in racks
near the Reference Center, 1st Floor, Library North.