Online Guides- Subject-Specific Research Skills

Subject-Specific Guides
= handouts available in the Library
Chicano Studies
Designed to help you conduct in depth research into Chicano studies issues using both print and electronic Library resources.

Legal Research - Finding a Citation or Case 
Lists all case reporters, codes, regulations and gives their locations in our Library as well as links to our electronic full-text holdings. In addition, this guide provides a selected list of available legal periodicals.

Reference Sources in English
Recommended Print and Online Reference Sources for English Language and Literature

Reference Sources in Psychology
Recommended Print and Online Reference Sources for Research in Psychology and Related Disciplines

Researching Pro & Con Issues 
Designed to help you research controversial, pro & con issues, such as gun control, abortion, and affirmative action.

You will find all our Library handouts in racks
near the Reference Center, 1st Floor, Library North.