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The ETP (Electronic Thesis/Project) pilot is a campus-wide program designed to make available master's theses and projects online. People from around the world will be able to access the complete content of an ETP from our Library catalog, increasing exposure to researchers and students. Students from various departments will have the option of submitting an ETP document in addition to the currently required paper version. Students interested in this option should consult with their department. This program will begin with the Fall 2005 submissions. Upon successful completion of the pilot, ETPs will offer an opportunity to post interactive content including hypertext links, video, and audio as a new way of supplementing research.

An ETP is an electronic version of your thesis/project that will be made available on the World Wide Web via the Library's catalog. During the pilot period, the Libary will be accepting MS WORD or PDF (Portable Document Format) files as the electronic version.

To create a PDF file, the Adobe PDF Writer or Acrobat Distiller software is used. The software converts Word, Wordperfect, and many other word processing files into a PDF file. Using the "File", "Print" commands, the conversion process is as easy as printing to paper. This software is available in campus computer labs and in the Library.
Look for computers with the ETP logo in the corner of the monitor: 
A free version of the software, CutePDF Writer, is also available for downloading.



At this time, the optional Electronic Thesis/Project is submitted in addition to the standard printed paper copy of the thesis/project. A candidate for a graduate degree who intends to submit an Electronic Thesis/Project must follow all procedures that are listed in the Guide to Preparation of Master's Theses and Project Reports for the standard printed paper copy of the thesis/project, and in addition must follow the procedure outlined below.

  1. Prior to submission of the standard printed paper copy of the thesis/project, the candidate will notify the Thesis Review of the intent to also submit an electronic version of the thesis/project as part of the Electronic Thesis/Project Pilot Program. The candidate will then:
    • Complete the Electronic Submission of Master’s Thesis/Project Approval Form, including obtaining the signatures of the Thesis/Project Committee Chair as well as all Thesis/Project Committee Members on the form.

    • Submit the completed Electronic Submission of Master’s Thesis/Project Approval Form to the Thesis Reviewer.

  2. After the approved printed paper copy of the thesis/project has been submitted to the Thesis Reviewer the candidate must submit via email, a single document file of the final approved printed document to Yvonne Hasegawa in the Library. The document must include the Thesis Approval Page without signatures. MS WORD and PDF files are the preferred file formats for submission of the document file. 

    For additional information contact:
     Yvonne Hasegawa
    JFK Memorial Library
    Library North Rm 1018
    phone: (323) 343-4985
    email: yhasega@calstatela.edu