General Libary Overview

General Library Overview


The John F. Kennedy Memorial Library is located at the center of campus. Containing nearly a million volumes, the Library also subscribes to over 2,000 print, and 10,000 full-text online periodicals and newspapers.


The WWW address for the Library Web is

From this Library Web page, you have access to our databases as well as all the resources on the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Most of the over 120 Library databases which you will find on our pages are restricted, by vendor subscription agreements, to CSLA users only. All restricted Library databases can be accessed outside the Library by CSLA students, faculty and staff with NIS accounts. If you have trouble accessing our restricted databases from an outside the Library, go to this page for further information and assistance:



Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarter Hours
Monday through Thursday8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sunday10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Extended Hours BEFORE Finals Week
8:00 am - 10:00 pm
10:00 am - 10:00 pm
12noon - 10:00 pm
Extended Hours DURING Finals Week
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
8:00 am - 12:00 midnight

Library hours are changed during Summer Quarter, holidays, and quarter breaks. For latest information call (323) 343-3980, or view Library hours detailed information.


For CSLA students, circulating books may be checked out for 28 days. For all other patrons, please consult with the Loan Desk for loan periods, or see our Loan and Fine Policies Web page. Reference materials and periodicals do not circulate.


REFERENCE CENTER. 1st Floor, Library North. (323) 343-4927
Librarians provide direction for students' research projects, as well as help in locating and using materials. The Center also refers patrons to the appropriate Library or University department for information. Print reference collections are also located in this area. The Library's online catalog, databses, and the World Wide Web (WWW) are accessible through the Library Web using workstations located in this area. Use of Library research workstations is restricted to CSLA students, faculty and staff who have active Network Information Service (NIS) accounts. In order to serve the general public, the Library maintains a small number of public use research workstations. These public use workstations have full access to the Library Web, including all restricted databases.

PERIODICALS DESK. A Level, Library North. (323) 343-4987
Recent newspapers and periodicals are held in the Current Periodicals Reading Room. Older periodicals are bound and shelved in call number order on the A Level. In addition, the Periodicals area provides access to microforms, college catalogs, and photocopiers.

RESERVES. 1st Floor, Library North. (323) 343-3986
Special materials, readings, books, and articles that have been assigned for specific classes are placed on reserve by professors for limited use. Search for reserve material by course or by professor in our Library Catalog.

The Library is an official depository for United States government and California state government publications. Assistance in gaining access to these collections is provided at the Reference Center. Access to documents is also provided through several online information services, to electronic documents through state and federal WWW sites, and to printed indexes.

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS. 2nd Floor, Library Palmer Wing.
The Library has several unique and rare collections of books and manuscripts, including Public Officials' Papers from local U. S. Congressmen. All materials are for room use only. Inquire at the Reference Center for further information.


The Library regularly provides instruction on information competency skills for specific classes at the request of instructors. In addition, students may register for LIBR 150, Information Literacy and Research Skills, a two-unit elective. Numerous workshops are also given. One-hour tours are available on selected days during the first few weeks of each quarter. For further information, inquire at the Reference Center or view a complete listing of these services, including links to self-paced tutorials, on the Library Web.

INTERLIBRARY LOANS. 1st Floor, Library North. (Loan Desk and Reference Center)
Materials not owned by the Library may be available from other libraries. Requests may be made by faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students at our ILL webpage. Filled orders may be picked up at the Loan Desk.

Average turnaround times for filling ILL orders is from 3 to 14 days, depending on the availability of the materials at the lending institutions. Borrowers are advised to place orders in sufficient time before materials are needed. Items may usually be kept for two weeks, with renewals dependent on the lending institution's rules.

Materials not available in the Library may be available in other CSU libraries or other area libraries. The Library maintains mutual use agreements with all CSU libraries and other college and university libraries. For information on local libraries and links to the library catalogs, please visit our Local Library Web Sites and Catalogs web page.

PHOTOCOPYING & PRINTING. A Level, Library North (323-343-5230).
Copiers and printers are located on most floors of Library North. Exact locations are shown on Library floor plans. Change and copy card vending machines are located on the A Level and 1st Floor, Library North. A color copier and a multi-function, sorting copier are maintained by APS and located in a self-service copy center on A Level of Library North, Room A-134. All photocopiers and public use laser printers are maintained by Affiliated Photocopier Specialist (APS).