Theses Guide

Guide to Preparation of
Master's Theses and Project Reports

Presented for the Use of Graduate Students, Faculty Advisors and Others

Prepared by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research in cooperation and consultation with the University Library, the Educational Policy Committee, the Graduate Studies Subcommittee
and the College Graduate Deans

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Chapter 1 - University Responsibilities, Regulations and Procedures Governing the Master's Thesis or Project

Chapter 2 - Requirements for Thesis Preparation and Acceptance, Except Format Requirements

Chapter 3 - Format Requirements for the Thesis

Chapter 4 - Special Instructions for Projects and Project Reports

Appendix-A - Form GS-12, Request for Thesis or Project Committee and Title

Appendix-B - Form GS-13, Approval Page for Graduate Thesis or Project

Appendix-C1 - Sample Title Page 1

Appendix-C2 - Sample Title Page 2 for Interdisciplinary Majors

Appendix-D - Sample Copyright Page

Appendix-E - Sample Acknowledgments Page

Appendix-F - Sample Abstract

Appendix-G - Sample Table of Contents

Appendix-H - Sample Chapter 1 First Page