Theses Guide - Preface


This guide has been developed for the use of students of California State University, Los Angeles, in preparing their master's theses, reports of master's projects and doctoral dissertations in final form for presentation to the University. The guide includes information about candidate requirements; style and format regulations; steps for submission of theses to the University; and procedures for the approval of theses. In addition, sample pages of such elements of the thesis as the table of contents, title page, approval pages, etc., are provided in the appendix.

It is strongly recommended that all students and their faculty advisors engaged in preparation of a master's thesis, master's project, or doctoral dissertation become thoroughly familiar with the contents of this guide before preparation of the thesis. Students are strongly advised against consulting previously submitted theses concerning style or format requirements since numerous changes have been made in the requirements, and few of the previously written theses and reports follow all requirements completely. Furthermore, some departments have style and format guidelines for master's theses or project reports that complement those given in Chapter 3. For example, some departments use specific style manuals or sets of instructions for footnotes, endnotes, lists of references, and other discipline‑specific materials. Therefore, it is important for students to check with their respective departments to ascertain their specific requirements. Note: In all matters, university-wide approved policies and procedures shall not be contradicted by those at the individual college and department.

No guide or manual can encompass all possible questions or situations, which might arise in the course of preparing theses. If a question occurs that is not addressed in this guide, students are advised to consult the chairperson of their thesis committee. The University Thesis Coordinator also offers workshops. The workshops are offered each quarter (dates are communicated to department chairs early in the quarter) to assist graduate students in preparing their master's theses or project reports in conformance with the guidelines articulated in this document.

The effective date of this thesis guide will be the start of the Fall 2011 quarter. All theses submitted to the University Thesis Coordinator on or after that date must adhere to these guidelines.