Online Guides - General Library Skills

General Library Skills

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About Library Terminology
Commonly Used Library Terms 
An online glossary of words and phrases commonly found while using libraries and doing research.

About Library Research Preparation
Research Preparation Things to do Before Starting Library Research Projects
In this Library Guide, we introduce you to these four important research preparation steps; you will learn how to: 1) Select a Research Topic; 2) Define the Research Question; 3) Determine the Information Requirements; 4) Select Appropriate Research Tools.

About Call Numbers and Locating Library Materials
Locating Library Materials
This guide explains the essential three elements needed to locate library materials using our online Library Catalog:
  • the LOCATION (which Library building, floor, collection)
  • the CALL NUMBER (the call number is the address of an item in the library collection)
  • the STATUS (whether or not the item is available, checked out to another user, on order, etc.)
Special terms used in our Library Catalog to provide LOCATION, CALL NUMBER, and STATUS information are explained.

Locations (Collections & Building). This guide shows you WHERE Library materials are located and arranged within the two Library buildings.

Understanding Call Numbers. A brief guide demonstrating HOW TO READ call numbers correctly so that you can locate books and periodicals within our Library. See also, these brief overviews of our two classification systems:

About Locating Material in Other Local Libraries
Useful Local Libraries  
Local university and public libraries are listed here together with links to their Web-sites and catalogs. All permit our students and faculty to use their collections, but some are identified as belonging to the Mutual Use Network. These network libraries permit CSLA students and faculty to borrow materials using CSLA identification cards.

You will find all our Library handouts in racks
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