Placing Holds Online

Placing Holds Online / Placing Recalls at the Loan Desk

CSULA students, faculty and staff can place Holds on items checked out to other borrowers or listed as "in process" in the Library Catalog, and place Recalls on items checked out.

Placing a hold on a book puts your name on a waiting list. The book will be available to you after the current borrower returns it. If you need the book sooner, go to the Loan Desk (1st Floor, Library North) to request a recall. DO NOT place a hold yourself. The recall process advances the specified due date, and the current borrower will be notified to return the item promptly.

If you place a hold or a recall on an item that is checked out, you will be notified through your campus e-mail address (NIS account) and regular mail when the book is returned. While it is usually quicker and easier to place a hold online, you can also request one in person at the Loan Desk for books you cannot find in the stacks. After you receive your e-mail notice, you can come to the Loan Desk and pick up the item you requested.

To place a Hold online:

  • Start with the Library Catalog and look for the item(s) you want.

  • See if the item you want is checked out. Most items say "NOT CHECKED OUT" in the Status column and you can locate these items in the stacks. If it is checked out,
    you will see a due date (e.g., DUE 05-14-04 ) in the Status column.
  • If you want to place a hold on an item that is checked out, click on the Place a Hold button located on the display. This will take you to a new page where you can place a hold by entering your user information.
  • Enter the requested information and then click this button:Submit above Information to complete the request process.