Learn Library Research Skills


Learn Library Research Skills

Students, faculty and staff frequently ask us how they can improve their Library research skills. Our Library, together with the entire information world, is undergoing enormous change. Research skills have become increasingly dependent on the Internet and specialized online databases. Our Library offers seven methods for learning library research skills. No one method can give you all the information you need to become an effective researcher. We recommend that you try different methods; perhaps even try the same method more than once. The BEST method will always be to ask for assistance from the knowledge professionals at the Library's Reference Center.

Method 1: Surf the Library Web
The Library's electronic pages provide information about its collections and resources. These Web pages are constructed primarily as a self-learning tool. They permit users to discover the Library from their Web browsers.

Method 2: Take a Library Tour

Method 3: Enroll in Library 150
During most Winter and Spring quarters, the University Library offers LIBR 150, Information Literacy and Research Skills.

Library 150 is taught by Library faculty with extensive reference and instruction experience. Classes consist of lectures, discussions, and hands-on computer laboratories.

Method 4: Ask for Assistance from the Reference Center
Yes, we DO give PERSONAL assistance! Ask for it at the Reference Center, 1st Floor, Library North. The Librarians, Staff, and Student Assistants who work there are knowledge professionals committed to quality service. Of course, they cannot give detailed tours or workshops, but they can assist with specific library learning and information needs.

Sorry, our Reference personnel don't make house calls. At least not yet...

...but, in the meantime, we have developed an Ask-a-Librarian e-mail Reference Service.

...and, we are in the process of investigating a "Cyberlibrarian program." If this program is developed, the Library will be providing direct, one-on-one assistance to off-campus CSULA students and faculty who are connected to the Library via a live Internet connection. Help will be offeburgundy either via telephone or email.

Method 5: Attend a Library Databases Workshop
Take this link for more information.

Method 6: Attend a Library Thesis Workshop
Take this link for more information.

Method 7: Attend Course-integrated Instruction
Take this link for more information.