Library Tour

Take a Library Tour

Library Group Tours: The Library offers building tours for groups of five or more.  Contact your college or department liaison to arrange a date and time for your group visit.  Tours consist of orientation to Library North and the Palmer Wing and description of the Library's collections and services.  Tours do not include orientation to the Library's electronic resources.

Special Groups: Please contact an appropriate librarian for your tours if you are one of the following groups. 

  • Instructors for English 102, University 401, or any other introductory writing course, should contact Yin Xu
  • Instructors for University 101 and 301 should contact Scott Breivold.
  • Community college instructors should contact Deborah Schaeffer.
  • Instructors at LACHSA (Los Angeles County High School for the Arts) should contact Scott Breivold.
  • Instructors at ELP (English Language Program) should contact Catherine Haras.
  • Instructors at high schools, other than LACHSA, should contact Christina Sheldon