Internship at the University Library

Internship Opportunities

The JFK Memorial Library strives to provide user-centered library services and information access along with the needed user instruction and support. The library emphasizes the development of information literacy, services, access and meeting user needs wherever and whenever they are. The Library serves approximately 19,000 full and part-time students reflecting the ethnic diversity of the area.
  • The library offers internships to students who are currently enrolled in an ALA accredited graduate program in library/information science. Internships are two to three quarters in length; no one quarter internships are offered. Internships are unpaid, but the library pays for on-campus parking.

  • Depending on the interest or expertise of the intern there are special projects that the intern may take on in conjunction with the internship assignments described below.

The reference/instruction internship consists of working at the Reference Desk and assisting and presenting course-integrated and other information literacy classes. During the first quarter the intern receives a thorough orientation to the Library, focusing on reference and instructional services. The intern works on the reference desk alongside librarians, library assistants, and student assistants, answering directional, informational, and research-related questions.

The intern observes instructional sessions. By the end of the first quarter the intern is ready to present parts of instructional sessions and will work closely with librarians to develop presentations. During the second quarter interns continue to work on the reference desk, and begin to teach instructional sessions by themselves. They also continue to team teach sections with librarians. Interns participate in teaching sections of Library WISE, which are drop-in workshops aimed at students who need extra help navigating the library's electronic resources and formulating research questions.

Please submit a resume and cover letter to:
Teresa P. Omidsalar
User Services Librarian & Internship Coordinator.
Phone: 323-343-3996
JFK Memorial Library
CSU Los Angeles
5151 State University Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90032-8300