Library Mission, Vision, Values, & Principles

Did you know the library Code of Conduct says . . .

For the protection of library materials, eating and drinking are prohibited in the library

Damage caused by food and drink is defined as vandalism. (Calif. Penal Code section 594.

No food or drink may be consumed in the library.  Anyone who does not respect this policy will be asked to dispose of the food or drink immediately or to take it out of the library.

Conduct that disturbs Library users or interferes with Library activities is prohibited.

This includes excessive noise (including noise generated by audio equipment and electronic communication devices), verbal abuse, threats of violence, sexual harassment, use of electronic devices or other activities that interfere with the activities of Library staff and patrons. (Calif. Penal Code sections 415 and 415.5)

When you are in the library, please consider turning off your cell phone or using the vibrate feature (especially when you are in designated quiet study areas).   Keep conservations low and use the group study rooms for discussion.

Abuse of materials, facilities and equipment is prohibited
Destruction of Library materials by marking on or removing pages or other destructive activities toward materials, equipment or facilities are considered acts of vandalism. (Government Code 19910 and 19911)

Please respect library materials and equipment.  Tearing pages out of magazines, abusing computers, writing in books, etc. is not only vandalism, it hurts your fellow students.  Library resources are here for everyone to use....and buying replacements is expensive.

Know the code . . . and pass it on!

The Library Code of Conduct