Library Code of Conduct

Library Code of Conduct

John F. Kennedy Memorial Library seeks to provide the University community with the best possible environment for research and study. We ask for your cooperation with the following rules, which apply to all Library users, respecting the use of Library facilities and resources:

Conduct that disturbs Library users or interferes with Library activities is prohibited.

This includes excessive noise (including noise generated by audio equipment and electronic communication devices), verbal abuse, threats of violence, sexual harassment, use of electronic devices or other activities that interfere with the activities of Library staff and patrons. (Calif. Penal Code sections 415 and 415.5)

To prevent theft of Library materials, Library users may be asked to present book bags and briefcases for inspection.

By entering the Library, users are agreeing to pass through a security system at the exit and have hand carried items visually inspected before leaving the Library. (Calif. Penal Code section 490.5)

For the protection of library materials, food is not permitted in the library.

Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted, provided they are in spill-proof containers.  Please see the library's Food & Drink Policy for more details.

Abuse of materials, facilities and equipment is prohibited.

Destruction of Library materials by marking on or removing pages or other destructive activities toward materials, equipment or facilities are considered acts of vandalism. (Government Code 19910 and 19911)

Commercial solicitation is prohibited in Library facilities without prior written authorization.

"Commercial Solicitation" includes all activities intended to result in a sale. (Section 42350.6 of Article 9, Subchapter 4, Chapter 1 of Title 5 of the California Administrative Code.)

It is expected that Library Staff requests for compliance with these rules will be immediately and civilly honored. Depending upon the seriousness of the infraction, refusal to comply with Library rules may result in:
  • A request to leave the building.
  • A police investigation of possible violations of State education, civil or penal codes.
  • A University Code of Student Conduct and Discipline hearing.