Library Computers

Library Computer Policy

Library electronic workstations are designed to be used for library research. These computers are located near the Reference Center, 1st Floor, Library North; in the Self-Service Pavilions on the 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor, Library North; in the Mullins Music & Media Center on the 3rd Floor , Library North; and in Periodical area on the A-level, Library North.

Research computers on the 1st Floor enable users to conduct research using the latest electronic resources including online article databases, the Library Catalog, and the Internet along with professional reference assistance.

Self-Service Pavilion computers are for Library research and writing research papers. These computers are equipped with Internet access and Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These workstations have a two-hour time limit.

Multimedia PC computers are located in the Mullins Music & Media Center and equipped with sound cards, CD/DVD-ROM drives, and software/plug-ins for viewing multimedia. They can be used for accessing Internet audio/video content, library multimedia materials and for viewing DVDs.

Periodical area computers are for library research and access to full text online journals and other database content.

See a list of available library computers.

Library electronic workstations are for library research ONLY. They are not to be used for games, non-research related emails, or chat programs or services. These are not recognized as applications used for work associated with the programs of California State University, Los Angeles, and their use is therefore PROHIBITED. For more applications, please use campus computers in Open Access Computer Labs.

Network/E-mail account holders are bound by the certifications they signed when applying for computer accounts. Some violations of University and Library regulations on computer usage may result in cancellation of accounts, disciplinary action, and/or legal action (under California Penal Code Section 502).