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General Business
  • SIC Code (Standard Industrial Classification) Search. In this Department of Labor database, you can easily find Standard Industrial Classification codes, commonly know as SIC codes. You search the database by keywords, or by the four-digit SIC code.

  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). The NAICS system is a cooperative effort between Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The system allows for comparisons of business statistics and related activities across all of North America. This web site will allow students to lookup the NAICS code and know its SIC equivalent.

    Accounting Specific

  • Annual Report Gallery. A database collection of over 2000 annual reports that are published on the Internet.

  • Department of the Treasury Tax Forms and Instructions. This site provides access to federal tax forms and guides from 1992 to the present..

  • Rutgers Accounting Web (RAW). This is a metasite with links to the Web sites of the Big 6 as well as the major professional associations, EDGAR, FASB, accounting publishers, accounting journals, law, and auditing. RAW is one of the benchmark Web sites for those who would like to design business-related Web sites.
    • FASB -- Summaries & Status.  This site contains summaries and status reports on each FASB Statement of Financial Accounting Standard. If you require the full text of any FASB Statement, first, using this summaries & status website, locate the statement's full title and issue date. Then, using this information, find the full-text of the Statement at Library Reserves under Accounting 495.  
    • FASB Statements, in their original form often with commentaries, are also published in the Journal of Accountancy. 

      Title Coverage Database/Call Number
      Journal of Accountancy 1/1/1994 to current Dow Jones
      Journal of Accountancy 07/01/93 to present  EBSCOhost: Academic Search
      Journal of Accountancy From 1987 through current  Academic Universe
      Journal of Accountancy 1/1/91 current ABI/INFORM
      Journal of accountancy Paper:1905-Current. Microfilm:[1955...1996].   Library Catalog