Recommended Websites--Asian American & Pacific Asian Studies

Asian American & Pacific Asian Studies

Academic Web Links - Useful for Library Research

  • Asian American Net
  •   A well organized web site serving the Asian American communities and promoting cultural, educational, and commercial ties between Asia and North America. The site has a listing of schools in the United States that offers Asian American Studies Programs or Centers. It collects regional and country-specific materials available on the Internet. It also has a “whoÂ’s who of Asian Americans” page, listing Asian Americans who have contributed significantly to their communities and the American society at large.
  • Association for Asian Studies
  • China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI)  A government-sponsored project, based at Qinghua University, China, aiming at building the national knowledge infrastructure. Its China Journal Net offers a fee-based full-text database covering more than 5,000 journals published in China, starting from 1994 to present. UCLA has subscribed to the Literature/History/Philosophy, Economics/Politics/Law, and Education/Social Science sections of the database. Available via UCLA campus network or the Bruin-Online dialup connection from home. Click here to access, then click on [IP-Address Access] or [Login] to enter the database. Download the CAJViewer (Windows only) when prompted. It also provides free access to the Periodicals Index Database, covering all subjects for the same time period--click on the link for to access. Chinese input software required to search both databases.
  • China Today  Claims to be "the most comprehensive information base on today's China." Covers a wide range of information, from armed forces to sports.

  • Chinese Character Genealogy: An Etymological Chinese-English Dictionary   By Rick Harbaugh. "This unusual dictionary uses traditional etymologies and a unique series of charts based on them to show the close relationships between Chinese characters." Click on each character to see its definition, etymology, and relation to other characters. Etymology-a-Day features a different character every day.

  • Chinese Classics (CND)  Collects full-text works of pre-Qin philosophers, poetry & prose, biography, commentary, novels and other classical literature. Also has a useful Chinese historical chronology.

  • Chinese Cultural Studies - Images  Contains picture files on the Brooklyn College Core 9 Chinese Culture Web site. Divided into: Maps, Archaeology, Art, Divinities, People, Historical Sites, etc.

  • Chinese Linguistics Page  Contains full-text English as well as Chinese articles on Chinese language and linguistics.

  • Chinese Text Initiative  (University of Virginia Library) Sponsored by the University of Virginia Library East Asian Section and the Electronic Text Center in an effort to make texts (in both Chinese and English) of Chinese literature available on the Web. Currently available are: 300 Tang Poems and Dream of the Red Chamber.

  • Internet Guide for China Studies  (Heidelberg University) Part of the World-Wide Web Virtual Library Project and the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library hosted at the Australian National University. Divides resources into the following categories: News media, Politics, Business & economy, Society, Philosophy & religion, History, Literature, Culture, Language, Bibliographies, Academic institutions, Libraries, E-Journals, Booksellers & publishers, Other guides, Other WWW virtual libraries, Mailing lists, and Search engines.

  • Subject Guide to China (CEAL)  Divides resources into 41 subject categories. Some have very useful information.

  • UCLA Asian American Studies Center.

  •  Contains the complete text of Chinese-English dictionary.