Recommended Websites--Computer Science

Computer Science

Academic Web Links - Useful for Library Research

  • TradeWave Galaxy Computer Science Links. Galaxy is a guide to worldwide information and services provided as a public service by Trade Wave Corporation. The links cover a wide range of computer science areas, with links to collections of papers and articles, academic institutions, commercial and non-profit organizations, and others.

  • TradeWave Galaxy Hardware/Software Links. These links are more business and commercial in nature and cover computers and peripherals, networking, consultants, software, security and other areas, with other links to consumer electronics and general electronics as well.

  • Infomine. This is a comprehensive Internet resource collection covering computing and mathematics, engineering and the physical sciences which is maintained by UC Riverside. The file contains over 500 resources, including pointers to preprint bulletin boards, databases, e-journals, and the like.

  • Argus Clearinghouse - Science. Evaluated and rated sites based on coverage, update frequency, quality, layout, usability, etc., spanning a wide array of sciences, including mathematics.