Recommended Websites--Geography and Urban Analysis

Geography and Urban Analysis

Academic Web Links - Useful for Library Research

  • Geography & Urban Analysis at CSULA Provides information about the program in Geography and Urban Analysis at Cal State Los Angeles. Includes program descriptions, faculty information and information on current research projects.

  • Association of American Geographers The Association of American Geographers (AAG) is a scientific and educational society founded in 1904. This site provides access to information not only about the organization but to information about careers, grants, jobs, and related information.

  • Background Notes  Organized by region and country or international organization, this is the full-text of the U.S. State Department publication on geographic entities and international organizations. It covers history, government and political conditions as well as the economy, foreign relations, and basic travel information.

  • Country Studies The Library of Congress Country Studies Series presents a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries throughout the world.

  • Environmental Information Resources. A joint project between the California Digital Library and the Library of California brings together websites that address a vast array of issues related to the environment.

  • This web site is part of the Geospatial One-Stop E-Gov initiative providing access to geospatial data and information.
  • Geography at A listing of sites related to cultural, physical and human geography

  • Geography Topics--Librarian's Index to the Internet  Links to a list of geography topics from altitudes, cultures of the world, environment, geographic information systems to weather. 

  • Geosource This is an annotated directory, with more than 4,500 entries, covers human geography, physical geography, planning, geoscience, and environmental science.

  • Information Please--Countries of the World  Provides a directory of basic information on all the countries of the world. Each country profile includes: color map; flag; official name; current ruler; land area; population; capital; largest cities; monetary unit; languages; ethnicity/race; religions; literacy rate; economy; government; and history.
  • Institute for the Study of Homelessness and Poverty Provides an annotated list of LA Statistics with hundreds of the best sources of data on Los Angeles, categorized by 27 keywords such as housing, health, Latino, economy, and more. The online catalog covered 3,000 publications related to homelessness and poverty is searchable by keyword, geographical area, date, publication type, and more.

  • Internet Resources for Geographers. A vast amount of geography related links excellently organized by the Department of Geography at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

  • Map Machine It contains National Geographic's interactive maps of the world, searchable by place name. It can also be searched by theme: physical, political and cultural, climate and weather, historical, Mars, and ecosystems. Flags and Facts provide brief profiles of countries and United States states and Canada provinces, accompanied by maps.

  • Nation Master The site provides statistical comparations among countries on the indicators that shape global commerce, health, politics and ecology.

  • National Atlas The National Atlas is the product of the US Geological Service's coordination of geographically oriented data from more than 20 federal agencies. It portrays a plethora of cultural and physical phenomena, including information on health, the environment, demography, agriculture, climate, and geology.

  • National Geographic  This is the National Geographic magazine's official web site. It features a media section covering overviews of stories from National Geographic, Traveler, and World for children; a photography area with an archived gallery featuring various photographers and a technical advice section, and a resources section highlighting a searchable index to all their publications back to 1888. 

  • TerraServer The web site is one of the world's largest online databases, providing free public access to a vast data store of maps and aerial photographs of the United States. The TerraServer name is a play on words, with 'Terra' referring to the 'earth' or 'land' and also to the terabytes of images stored on the site.

  • Useful Geography Sites This is a collection of examples of geography-related sites from all over the world