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Engineering & Technology

Academic Web Links - Useful for Library Research

  • Infomine: Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computing and Math. This is a comprehensive Internet resource collection covering the physical sciences, engineering, computing and mathematics which is maintained by UC Riverside. The file contains over 500 resources, including pointers to preprint bulletin boards, databases, e-journals, and the like.

  • Argus Clearinghouse . This Clearinghouse, (formerly known as the Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides), covers hundreds of sites, from aerospace engineering to transportation, all evaluated and rated on the basis of the resources' coverage, update frequency, overall quality, layout, ease of use, organization, and so forth. There are also links to Web search engines and even a local search engine covering Clearinghouse entries.

  • Martindale's Graduate and Undergraduate Center. A strong collection of links to all manner of sites covering engineering, computer science, general science and more. Links are often to full-text sources, reference tables, journals, preprints, etc. The site is authored by Jim Martindale at UC Irvine, and has many other contributors, as well.

  • TradeWave Galaxy E&T Pages. Galaxy is a guide to worldwide information and services provided as a public service by Trade Wave Corporation. Among many other subject areas, the engineering section has links to all sorts of engineering sites, guides, products and organizations, including universities and engineering schools, and also to non-profit, government and commercial groups.

  • NASA Technical Reports Server. The NASA Technical Report Server is an experimental service that allows users to search the abstract and technical report servers maintained by various NASA centers and programs. Most are full-text.

  • NASA Image Exchange. A searchable/browsable archive of images from all sections of NASA. The archive includes images from space, aircraft pictures and ground based NASA operations. Wonderful and very easy to use.

  • Open Net. Access to declassified documents from the Department of Energy and its predecessor organizations.

  • Department of Energy Document Reference Desk. A unified starting point for accessing full-text and full-image documents published by DOE including Energy Files a source of full-text documents on energy science and technology.

  • Department of Energy Pre-Print Network. The Department of Energy's PrePRINT Network is a searchable gateway to preprint servers that deal with scientific and technical disciplines of concern to DOE. Such disciplines include the great bulk of physics, materials, and chemistry, as well as portions of biology, environmental sciences and nuclear medicine.

  • National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). Part of the Department of Commerce, NTIA is the Executive Branch's principal voice on domestic and international telecommunications and information technology issues. Reports and congressional testimony are available at this site.