Library Occupants

Library Offices and Occupants

Library North

Office Number
Name of Office
LN-1015 Student Study & Snack Lounge  
LN-1033A Library Lecture Room 1 (LEC1) 3-4927
LN 1034 First Year Experience  3-3184
LN-B14 ITS Operations 3-6170
LN-B16 ITS Computer Center Operations 3-6170
LN-B16 ITS Telecommunications 3-6170
LN-B526 Library Lecture Room 2 (LEC2) 3-4927
LN-B530 Library Conference Room 3-3953

Library Palmer Wing (Library South)

Office Number
Name of Office
LPW-Lobby ITS Help Desk 3-6170
LPW-1039 Tutorial Center 3-3971
LPW-1039A Adaptive Technology & Learning Center 3-3140
LPW-1040A Academic Advisement Center 3-3150
LPW-1040A General Education Honors 3-4960
LPW-1040A Teacher Preparation Advisement Center


LPW-1040C Student Support Programs 3-3965
LPW-1053 California Reading & Literacy Project 3-5116
LPW-1059C Title V 3-4770
LPW-1070 Information Technology Services 3-6170
LPW-1039A Writing Center 3-5350
LPW-2098 Testing Center 3-3160
LPW-3078 California Faculty Association 3-5310
LPW-4056 ITS Training Lab 3-6170