University Library, Music and Media Center: Equipment and Services

Music & Media Center

Equipment & Services

The Music & Media Center (MMC) is equipped with the following audio-visual carrels, available for use during MMC service hours:

VHS videocassette player w/ 13" monitor 

4 individual carrels
DVD player w/ 20" monitor 4 individual carrels
Compact Disc (CD) player 7 individual carrels
Phonograph turntable + audiocassette player/recorder  1 individual carrel
Compact Disc (CD) player + audiocassette player/recorder 1 individual carrel
VHS videocassette player w/ 20" monitor  2 group carrels for 2-4 people, with headphones
Multimedia Computers (Windows, PCs) 2 individual carrels
Group viewing room (VHS & DVD formats) 1 room available for 3 or more, no headphones required
Group viewing room (DVD format only) 1 room available for 3 or more, no headphones required

Headphones are required for all carrels, and may be checked-out from the Media Services Desk with your valid CSU LA  I.D. (Golden Eagle One Card) or library borrower's card

Please see Policies and Use of Collections for information about the use of Audio-Visual equipment 

Two windows PC computers (with CD/DVD-ROM drives) are available for viewing multimedia materials and media available on the Internet.  The computers are equipped with software/plug-ins for viewing or listening to multimedia materials, internet streaming audio/video etc.   When the two DVD carrels are in use, the multimedia PC's may also be used for DVD viewing.

Services Available at the Music & Media Center Desk:

We can assist you with locating media materials in the collection (and media materials placed on reserve by your professor).  A computer terminal is available at the desk for searching the Library Catalog.

Media materials (and headphones) are checked-out to you here.  Please present your CSU LA I.D. (Golden Eagle One Card) or library borrower's card to check-out media materials & headphones for use in the library.

If you would like to use a group viewing room or a multimedia computer, please inquire at the desk for assistance.

If you have a music or media-related research question, staff at the service desk may be able to assist you, or we will refer you to the appropriate library service area or subject specialist.

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