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Getting Started: General Research and Reference Tools

Film Studies, Bibliographies, Guides

CineMedia (From the American Film Institute) An excellent tool for searching the vast resources in film and media on the web---Search by category or keyword for links to databases, actors, festivals, studios, and much more.

Yahoo's Movies and Film related links Listing of film links by subject categories.

Film.Com An independent site devoted to contemporary film review and discussion, film festival announcements and field reports, and essays on film craft and filmmaking.

Hollywood Online Current movie information, multimedia entertainment, previews, movie trailers and more. Information about current movies, links to studios, realtime movie clips, etc. Collection of links about movie stars, studios, production resources, festivals, etc.

The Greatest Films Plot synopses and analysis of 100 great Hollywood films, includes photos, quotes, descriptions of memorable scenes.

Film Score Monthly Dedicated to the art of film and television music.

Film Scripts Links to full-texts of over 500 movie and television scripts.


The Internet Movie Database Search by title, director, star, etc. Provides credit info, plot summaries, links to reviews and more.

The Motion Picture Database From "The Motion Picture Guide", Cinebooks' 23-volume reference and Ephraim Katz's comprehensive "Film Encyclopedia", this searchable database includes cast, credits and reviews for more than 30,000 movies released in the U.S., plus filmographies and biographical information on actors, directors and other filmmakers.

All Movie Guide Similar to the Internet Movie Database--you can search by title, names, or keywords.


The Internet Movie Database Search by title -- many film entries include a "critics" icon which you can click to access links to movie reviews from a variety of sources.

Yahoo's Movie Review Links An annotated listing of online review sources, divided into categories

Movies.Net Includes reviews of current films and links to other review sources

Movie Snap Shots Reviews of current films, critics' favorite film lists, trivia, and more. Provides contemporary film reviews, essays, and more.

Washington Post Film Reviews Part of the "videofinder" section of the Washington Post online -- you can search the Post's reviews for films available on video since 1986.

Washington CityPaper Reviews This link takes you to the CityPaper's searchable listings -- click on "movies" under the Arts column to read reviews of films currently showing in the DC area.

Mr. Cranky Rates the Movies Just for fun -- a tongue-in-cheek collection of current film reviews rated from the "tolerable" to the "less than mediocre."

Archives, Libraries, Museums

Public Motion Picture Research Centers and Film Archives (A Library of Congress Guide) Provides an alphabetical listing of film archives, libraries, and research centers worldwide.

Louis B. Mayer Library Link to the American Film Institute's Library

Early Motion Pictures, 1897-1916 Search these collections from the Library of Congress

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