Welcome to the Library's Self-service Pavilion

Welcome to the Library's Self-Service Pavilion. To use these computer workstations, you will need to logon with your NIS account. After logging on, you will have access to:
  • the Internet for your Library research;
  • Microsoft Word for writing your research papers.
  • a networked laser printer
These are two-hour only self-service computer workstations.
  • If you feel that you need help with your Library research, use one of the workstations located on the 1st Floor, Library North; personnel there are available to assist you.
  • You will be automatically logged off after your two-hour session. If someone is waiting at the end of your session, you must give up the workstation.
  • Report hardware and software problems to the 1st Floor Reference Desk.
  • Save your files to a floppy disk. Any materials saved on C drive will be erased overnight.