Library Catalog Upgrade

Library Catalog Upgrade
Library Catalog Upgrade

Have you noticed that the Library Catalog has a new look and feel?

We recently upgraded our Library Catalog software.   New features include:

~ Basic search options simplified to keyword, title, author
~ Additional search options are now located in the "more search options" drop down menu -- just pick a search
   method and click "Go"
~ Search results now display by "relevance" so the items that match your keywords most closely appear first
~ COMING SOON:  A spell check feature


On the search results page you can now:

~ View 50 items at a time and see at a glance if they are checked out or not
~ Click a box to limit your search to available items
~ Re-sort your results by clicking on date or title
~ See an icon that represents the format of the item
~ Click on the "All CSU's & More" link to repeat your search in the All CSU catalog


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