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The Tattooed Soldier

Héctor Tobar                                                                                                         

a Picture of State Sponsored terrorism  

State-Sponsored Terrorism | Counterinsurgency

“During the day, soldiers dressed as civilians came to kidnap professors and students; after the sun fell, graffiti artists worked until dawn to cover the university walls with the spray-painted names of the dead: Professor Juan Peralta, Ana Saravia, Julio Gomez Asturias… The walls seemed to have an insatiable appetite for the names of dead students.” (p. 87)

Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions

  • Why would a country use systematic and random violence against its own citizens?
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Videos / DVDs
Available at the Library Media Center, Library North 3rd Fl.

If the mango tree could speak. FLIC88023
A documentary about children, 12 to 15, and war in Guatemala and El Salvador.

Legacies of war. FLIC88693
An analysis on the devastating aftermath of war.

Maria's story: portrait of love and survival in El Salvador's civil war. F1488.42.S47 M3713
Documentary based on life and work of Maria Serrano, leader in the guerrilla movement in El Salvador. Shows Serrano teaching guerrillas, and planning and carrying out military attacks on government positions.

Web Resources

Historical Clarification Commission. Guatemala: memory of silence.

International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG).



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