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The Tattooed Soldier

Héctor Tobar                                                                                                         

a Picture of Guatemala Children  

Guatemala | Maya

“Now he is walking toward her through rows of corn. Leaves brush his face, cool and moist. Rainbow-colored trousers hang loosely from his waist, fabric she wove at the loom. On his feet are sandals, strips of old leather held together with wire and twine.” (p. 301)

Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions

  • Longoria's ethnicity is indigenous, but he rejects it.  Why?
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Videos / DVDs
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Popol vuh: the creation myth of the Maya. F1465 .P829
Portrays the creation myth of the Quiché Maya of ancient Guatemala. Gives life to the mystic history and art of the Maya, using animated drawings taken directly from classic Maya pottery.

Web Resources Mayan Folktales translated by Fernando Peñalosa.

Harvard University Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Early Maya
murals at
San Bartolo, Guatemala.

The Maya astronomy page.

University of Missouri Museum of Anthropology. Mayan costumes of Guatemala.


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