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The Tattooed Soldier

Héctor Tobar                                                                                                         


Latin American Politics | Protest Movements

“She drew his attention to the string of words that ran underneath [a mural of] Che, painted on a long white ribbon held aloft by a crudely drawn dove: ‘The revolutionary is guided in all his actions by great feelings of love.’” (p. 90)

Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions

  • How has the vision that Che Guevara had for Cuba and Latin American countries actually developed in the years since his death?  
  • How has CheÂ’s image evolved in Latin America?
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Videos / DVDs
Available at the Library Media Center, Library North 3rd Fl.

The war on democracy. F1418 .W37
Examines American involvement in Latin America for the past half century.

Web Resources

The Brookings Institution. Is Latin America going radical?

Center for Research Libraries Global Resources Network. Latin Americanist Research Resources Project.

International Monetary Fund. Central America aims for stronger growth.

Project Allende.


United Nations. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Yahoo News – Latin America news.


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