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The Tattooed Soldier

Héctor Tobar                                                                                                         

a Picture of Homelessness in Los Angeles  


“Frank’s shelter was on a choice piece of real estate where the little plateau of Crown Hill dropped off sharply, providing a panoramic view of the Harbor Freeway, the Financial District, and City Hall, a stubby white stone building dwarfed by towers of glass and steel. Frank and his companions had set up an old couch on the edge of the cliff to take in the view. Frank was sitting there now, leaning back and stretching his legs, like a suburbanite entertaining a guest in his living room.” (p. 45)

Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions

  • Why are there so many violent crimes against the homeless, who are already vulnerable?
  • How can homelessness be addressed with compassion and practicality?
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Available at the Library Media Center, Library North 3rd Fl.

Sunshine-smile: a true story. FLIC85390
Ronald "Sunshine" Price is a mentally ill homeless man living part-time at Cal State, Los Angeles. Interviews are done with his family, and students and faculty who have interacted with him.

Web Resources

Bring LA Home. Homeless in Los Angeles.

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Institute for the Study of Homelessness and Poverty at the Weingart Center. Homelessness in Los Angeles: a summary of recent research.

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National Alliance to End Homelessness.

National Coalition for the Homeless.

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