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The Tattooed Soldier

Héctor Tobar                                                                                                         

a Picture of Violence

Violence and Its Effects | Gangs

“There were reasons this work had to be done, even though you started to forget the reasons as time passed. When you actually had to do the deed, the reasons were what carried you forward, the speeches the officers made, what you learned about the enemy. A virus, a plague. An infection spread by ideas, a disease carried on the spoken word.” (p.170)

Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions

  • Violence runs throughout the book. What motivates characters to engage in violence? What are the effects of these forms of violence?
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Videos / DVDs
Available at the Library Media Center, Library North 3rd Fl.

Rage to revenge: the science of violence. BF575.A5 R34
What goes on in the human body when a person becomes angry? Case histories demonstrate the self-damaging impact of hate and the positive power of forgiveness. Evidence is also provided which indicates that venting - long believed to relieve anger - can actually reinforce aggressive behavior.

A history of violence. FLIC87182
Violent images in life lead to a hate crime and suicide.

Just a game. GV1469.35.G7353 I88
Explores the psychological effects of violent video games.

The mind: the violent mind. FLIC85646
Volume 9 of the series. Suggests that changes in anatomy and chemistry of the brain can cause violent behavior. Scientific data raises questions about the punishment of criminals.

Terror at home: domestic violence in America. HV6626.2 .T47
Follows the stories of seven women over several months as they struggle to free themselves from abusive relationships.

Understanding teenage violence. FLIC87869
Anger is a volatile emotion, and all too often, it results in acts of violence. Knowing how to deal directly with our anger and learning how to channel it in positive ways can help us to make the best of a bad situation.

Web Resources

American Psychological Association. Is youth violence just another fact of life?

Annual Reviews. The effects of family and community violence on children.

California Wellness Foundation. New thinking can help defeat gang violence.

Gift From Within: PTSD resources for survivors and caregivers. Questions and answers.

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International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. What is traumatic stress?

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Los Angeles Police Department. LAPD, Local, State, and Federal Officials Announce Reduction in 2007 Gang Crime (press release).

National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Community violence.

National Public Radio. South L.A. gang violence claims young victims.



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