Library Catalogs - CSULA Periodicals Search

The CSULA Journals Search Includes:

periodicals available in print in the CSLA Library or electronically through CSULA subscription to full-text online databases. The Library subscribes to about 2,000 journals, magazines and newspapers in print format, and more than 15,000 in online full-text format.

CSULA Periodicals Search DOES:
  • Show years and volumes of print and microfilm subscriptions to periodicals owned by the CSLA Library.
  • Show current subscriptions as well as ones we no longer carry.
  • Provide online links to databases which contain electronic full-text journals.

CSULA Periodicals Search DOES NOT:
  • Contain the actual articles, but will show you where to find the print or online periodicals containing the articles.
  • Contain older electronic periodicals. Most of the online periodicals cover only recent articles, usually within the last 2-6 years.

CSULA Periodicals Search is USEFUL WHEN:
  • You have an article citation and need to know if the Library can provide access to the full-text version, either in print or electronically.
  • You have the title of a periodical and you want to know if the Library has it available in print or electronically in full-text. You can then do a search for your topic in that specific periodical, either online or by browsing the print copies.

NOTE: CSULA Periodicals Search was prepared jointly by the Libraries at CSLA and CSU-Chico, and is maintained on a CSU-Chico server. Because it is based on database designs originating at CSU-Chico, names used for electronic sources (i.e., databases) may vary from those commonly used in the CSLA Library.