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  How to obtain copies of articles using the Periodicals Finding List and Pharos for ILL requests.
  Learn about the CSULA Periodicals Finding List and what in includes.
  Learn about the Library of Congress (LC), Dewey Decimal , Government Documents, Sound Recordings, and CSULA Thesis call number systems.
  Learn about call numbers and locating materials.

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Search Method Input Search Terms Search Examples
TITLE Search the beginning of a journal, magazine or newspaper name. Omit leading "A", "An", "The". Type in a single letter to do an alphabetical search.
journal of abnormal child psychology
rolling stone
los angeles times
KEYWORDS Search any word(s) or part of a word in the name of a journal, magazine or newspaper. Multiple words are searched with a default "and" operator.

[NOTE: Keyword searches typically retrieve more accurate results than title searches. We recommend that you try keyword searching if title searches do not yield search result.]
INPUT: "psychology child"
System seaches this as "psychology and child" and retrieves all available print and online journals with these two keywords, for example:
Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
Journal of child psychology and psychiatry

INPUT: "political"
System seaches this as "political" and retrieves all available print and online journals with the word "political" anywhere in it's name, for example:
Asian Political News
Journal of Political & Military Sociology