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Library of Congress Subject Guide

Call Numbers starting with B : Philosophy, Psychology, ReligionReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Against war : views from the underside of modernity / Nelson Maldonado-Torres.Maldonado Torres, Nelson.B105.W3 M35 2008
Discourse on method ; and, Meditations on first philosophy / René Descartes ; translated by Donald A. Cress.Descartes, René, 1596-1650.B1848.E5 C73 1998
Creative solution finding / Gerald Nadler, Shozo Hibino.Nadler, Gerald.BF449 .N33 1999
Cinderella and her sisters : the envied and the envying / by Ann and Barry Ulanov.Ulanov, Ann Belford.BF575.E65 U4 1983
Reinventing the body, resurrecting the soul : how to create a new you / Deepak Chopra.Chopra, Deepak.BF637.S4 C4985
Fooling ourselves : self-deception in politics, religion, and terrorism / Harry C. Triandis.Triandis, Harry Charalambos, 1926-BF697.5.S426 T75 2009
On kindness / Adam Phillips and Barbara Taylor.Phillips, Adam.BJ1533.K5 P45 2009
Call Numbers starting with D : History -- Europe, Asia, Africa, OceaniaReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Scipio Africanus : greater than Napoleon / B.H. Liddell Hart ; new foreword by Michael Grant.Liddell Hart, Basil Henry, Sir, 1895-1970.DG248.S3 L5 1994
The one that got away / by Chris Ryan.Ryan, Chris, 1961-DS79.74 .R93 1998
Zainichi (Koreans in Japan) : diasporic nationalism and postcolonial identity / John Lie.Lie, John.DS832.7.K6 L54 2008
Call Numbers starting with E : History -- United StatesReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Imperial citizens : Koreans and race from Seoul to LA / Nadia Y. Kim.Kim, Nadia Y.E184.K6 K486 2008
Black masculinity and the U.S. South : from Uncle Tom to gangsta / Riché Richardson.Richardson, Riché, 1971-E185.86 .R537 2007
Call Numbers starting with F : History -- Canada, Mexico, Central & South AmericaReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Women and the conquest of California, 1542-1840 : codes of silence / Virginia Marie Bouvier.Bouvier, Virginia Marie, 1958-F864 .B695 2004
The conquest of history : Spanish colonialism and national histories in the nineteenth century / Christopher Schmidt-Nowara.Schmidt-Nowara, Christopher, 1966-F1408.3 .S39 2008
Evita, First Lady : a biography of Eva Perón / John Barnes.Barnes, John, 1935-F2849.P37 B3 1996
Call Numbers starting with G : Geography, Anthropology, Oceanography, Sports & RecreationReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Georeferencing : the geographic associations of information / Linda L. Hill.Hill, Linda L.G70.212 .H54 2006
Global positioning : technologies and performance / Nel Samama.Samama, Nel, 1963-G109.5 .S26 2008
The geographic revolution in early America : maps, literacy, and national identity / Martin Brückner.Brückner, Martin, 1963-G1201.S1 B8 2006
GIS for environmental decision-making / edited by Andrew Lovett, Katy Appleton.National Conference on GIS Research UK (12th : 2004 : Norwich, England).GE170 .N358 2004
Globalizing sport : national rivalry and international community in the 1930s / Barbara J. Keys.Keys, Barbara J.GV706.34 .K48 2006
Beyond stretching : Russian flexibility breakthroughs / by Pavel Tsatsouline.Tsatsouline, Pavel.GV711 T72 1998
High-powered plyometrics / James C. Radcliffe, Robert C. Farentinos.Radcliffe, James C. (James Christopher), 1958-GV711.5 .R326 1999
Exodus to the virtual world : how online fun is changing reality / Edward Castronova.Castronova, Edward.GV1469.15 .C393 2007
The making of Second Life : notes from the new world / Wagner James Au.Au, Wagner James.GV1469.25.S425 A9 2008
Lateral puzzles / devised by David J. Bodycombe ; with an introduction by Victor Serebriakoff.Bodycombe, David J.GV1507.L37 B63 1999
Call Numbers starting with H : Social Sciences, BusinessReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Focus groups : a practical guide for applied research / Richard A. Krueger, Mary Anne Casey.Krueger, Richard A.H61.28 .K78 2009
Household accounts : working-class family economies in the interwar United States / Susan Porter Benson ; afterword by David Montgomery.Benson, Susan Porter, 1943-2005.HC106.3 .B47 2007
The Europeans : a geography of people, culture, and environment / Robert C. Ostergren, John G. Rice.Ostergren, Robert Clifford.HC240 .O35 2004
The intelligence edge : how to profit in the information age / George Friedman ... [et al.]. HD38.7 .I55 1997
The art of innovation : lessons in creativity from IDEO, America's leading design firm / Tom Kelley, with Jonathan Littman.Kelley, Tom, 1955-HD53 .K454 2001
The 80/20 individual : how to accomplish more by doing less - the nine essentials of 80/20 success at work / Richard Koch.Koch, Richard, 1950-HD53 .K625 2003
Think out of the box / by Mike Vance and Diane Deacon.Vance, Mike.HD53 .V354 1997
Transformation thinking : tools and techniques that open the door to powerful new thinking for every member of your organization / Joyce Wycoff with Tim Richardson ; foreword by George Land.Wycoff, Joyce.HD58.8 .W93 1995
The pleasures and sorrows of work / Alain de Botton.De Botton, Alain.HD4901 .D35 2008
The problem of jobs : liberalism, race, and deindustrialization in Philadelphia / Guian A. McKee.McKee, Guian A.HD5726.P5 M35 2008
Market potential for organic crops in California : almonds, hay, and winegrapes / Sonja Brodt, Karen Klonsky, and L. Ann Thrupp.Brodt, Sonja.HD9000.1 .C3b no.09-1
Geographic information systems for transportation : principles and applications / Harvey J. Miller, Shih-Lung Shaw.Miller, Harvey J.HE206.2 .M55 2001
The geography of urban transportation / edited by Susan Hanson, Genevieve Giuliano. HE305 .G46 2004
Beyond the box : television and the Internet / Sharon Marie Ross.Ross, Sharon Marie.HE8700.65 .R67 2008
The age of engage : reinventing marketing for today's connected, collaborative, and hyperinteractive culture / Denise Shiffman.Shiffman, Denise.HF5415.1265 .S55 2007
Triggers : 30 ways to control the mind of your prospect to motivate, influence and persuade / Joseph Sugarman.Sugarman, Joseph, 1938-HF5438.25 .S84 1999
Latticework : the new investing / Robert G. Hagstrom.Hagstrom, Robert G., 1956-HG4515 .H34 2000
The gorilla game : an investor's guide to picking winners in high technology / Geoffrey Moore, Paul Johnson, and Tom Kippola.Moore, Geoffrey A., 1946-HG4661 .M59 1998
Profit with options : essential methods for investing success / Larwrence G. McMillan.McMillan, L. G. (Lawrence G.).HG6024.A3 M3964 2002
Textual poachers : television fans & participatory culture / Henry Jenkins.Jenkins, Henry, 1958-HM291 .J42 1992
The new barbarian manifesto : how to survive the Information Age / Ian Angell.Angell, Ian O.HM851 .A63 2000
Networked publics / edited by Kazys Varnelis ; with contribution s by researchers in the Networked Publics Research Group, the Annenberg Center for Communication at the University of Southern California : Walter Baer ... [et al.]. HM851 .N4765 2008
Mapping decline : St. Louis and the fate of the American city / Colin Gordon.Gordon, Colin (Colin E.).HN80.S2 G67 2008
Working hard, drinking hard : on violence and survival in Honduras / Adrienne Pine.Pine, Adrienne, 1970-HN160.Z9 V55 2008
The education of a very young madam / Ma-Ling Lee with Christa Bourg.Lee, Ma-Ling.HQ144 .L43 2009
The East, the West, and sex : a history of erotic encounters / Richard Bernstein.Bernstein, Richard, 1944-HQ460 .B47 2009
The pure society : from Darwin to Hitler / André Pichot ; translated by David Fernbach.Pichot, André.HQ751 .P4813 2009
Inventing America's "worst" family : eugenics, Islam, and the fall and rise of the tribe of Ishmael / Nathaniel Deutsch.Deutsch, Nathaniel.HQ755.5.U5 D66 2009
Segregation's science : eugenics and society in Virginia / Gregory Michael Dorr.Dorr, Gregory Michael, 1965-HQ755.5.U5 D67 2008
Women's rights? : the politics of eugenic abortion in modern Japan / Masae Kato.Kato, Masae, 1971-HQ767.5.J3 M37 2009
Children of a new world : society, culture, and globalization / Paula S. Fass.Fass, Paula S.HQ792.U5 F34 2007
Gray Panthers / Roger Sanjek.Sanjek, Roger, 1944-HQ1064.U5 S265 2009
The impact of feminism in English Renaissance studies / edited by Dympna Callaghan. HQ1148 .I46 2007
Women's liberation and the african freedom struggle / Thomas Sankara.Sankara, Thomas.HQ1236.5.B92 S26 2007
Women and social change in America : a survey of a century of progress / Gerhard Falk.Falk, Gerhard, 1924-HQ1421 .F35 2009
Out of control : assessing the general theory of crime / edited by Erich Goode. HV6018 .O87 2008
Call Numbers starting with J : Political ScienceReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Political philosophy A-Z / Jon Pike.Pike, Jonathan E.JA61 .P55 2007
The privacy advocates : resisting the spread of surveillance / Colin J. Bennett.Bennett, Colin J. (Colin John), 1955-JC596 .B46 2008
Human rights in the Arab world : indepedent voices / edited by Anthony Tirado Chase and Amr Hamzawy. JC599.A65 H86 2006
The myth of digital democracy / Matthew Hindman.Hindman, Matthew Scott, 1976-JK1764 .H56 2009
A new East Asia : toward a regional community / edited by Kazuko Mori and Kenichiro Hirano. JQ1499.A38 R438 2007
Preventing corruption in Asia : institutional design and policy capacity / edited by Ting Gong and Stephen K. Ma. JQ1509.5.C6 P74 2009
Warrior politics : why leadership demands a pagan ethos / Robert D. Kaplan.Kaplan, Robert D., 1952-JZ1253 .K37 2002
Call Numbers starting with K : LawReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Defiant dads : fathers' rights activists in America / Jocelyn Elise Crowley.Crowley, Jocelyn Elise, 1970-KF547 .C76 2008
Let's get free : a hip-hop theory of justice / Paul Butler.Butler, Paul, 1961-KF9223 .B88 2009
Call Numbers starting with L : EducationReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Student voice in school reform : building youth-adult partnerships that strengthen schools and empower youth / Dana L. Mitra.Mitra, Dana L.LA229 .M58 2008
Bilingual education in the 21st century : a global perspective / Ofelia García ; with contributions by Hugo Baetens Beardsmore.García, Ofelia.LB1025 .G37 2009
Faculty incivility : the rise of the academic bully culture and what to do about it / Darla J. Twale, Barbara M. De Luca.Twale, Darla J. (Darla Jean).LB2331.7 .T93 2008
Genuine school leadership : experience, reflection, and beliefs / by Ronald W. Rebore and Angela L.E. Walmsley.Rebore, Ronald W.LB2801.A2 R435 2009
Catching up or leading the way : American education in the age of globalization / Yong Zhao.Zhao, Yong.LC71 .Z47 2009
Call Numbers starting with M : MusicReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Women in American musical theatre : essays on composers, lyricists, librettists, arrangers, choreographers, designers, directors, producers and performance artists / edited by Bud Coleman and Judith Sebesta. ML82 .W645 2008
Call Numbers starting with N : Architecture, ArtReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Indian Renaissance : British romantic art and the prospect of India / Hermione de Almeida and George H. Gilpin.De Almeida, Hermione, 1950-N6766 .D36 2005
Chinese sculpture / Angela Falco Howard ... [et al.]. NB1040 .C516 2006
The great painters of the Italian Renaissance / Eberhard König (editor). ND615 .G76713 2008
The body adorned : dissolving boundaries between sacred and profane in India's art / Vidya Dehejia.Dehejia, Vidya.NX650.H74 D45 2009
Call Numbers starting with P : Language, LiteratureReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Analyzing public discourse : discourse analysis in the making of public policy / Ron Scollon.Scollon, Ronald, 1939-P302.77 .S36 2008
Ink dances in limbo : Gao Xingjian's writing as cultural translation / Jessica Yeung.Yeung, Jessica.PL2869.O128 Z895 2008
Ambient television : visual culture and public space / Anna McCarthy.McCarthy, Anna, 1967-PN1992.6 .M377 2001
Gale directory of publications and broadcast media Update : an interedition service providing new listings and updates to listings in the main volume / Jeff Sumner, editor. PN4700 .N559 1999 suppl
Cracked coverage : television news, the anti-cocaine crusade, and the Reagan legacy / Jimmie L. Reeves and Richard Campbell.Reeves, Jimmie Lynn.PN4888.T4 R44 1994
The flight of the condor : stories of violence and war from Colombia / translated and compiled by Jennifer Gabrielle Edwards ; foreword by Hugo Chaparro Valderrama. PQ8173 .F55 2007
Debating the slave trade : rhetoric of British national identity, 1759-1815 / Srividhya Swaminathan.Swaminathan, Srividhya.PR448.S55 S93 2009
Death message : a novel of suspense / Mark Billingham.Billingham, Mark.PR6102.I44 D43
The art of political fiction in Hamilton, Edgeworth, and Owenson / Susan B. Egenolf.Egenolf, Susan B.PR8733 .E44 2009
The gates / John Connolly.Connolly, John, 1968-PS
You better not cry : stories for Christmas / Augusten Burroughs.Burroughs, Augusten.PS3552.U745 Z93
Black Friday : a Maggie O'Dell novel / Alex Kava.Kava, Alex.PS3561.A8682 B53
Gwenhwyfar : the white spirit / Mercedes Lackey.Lackey, Mercedes.PS3562.A246 G94
Locked in / Marcia Muller.Muller, Marcia.PS3563.U397 L63
New and selected poems / Mary Oliver.Oliver, Mary, 1935-PS3565.L5 N47 1992
City of darkness, city of light / Marge Percy.Piercy, Marge.PS3566.I4 C58 1998
House of reckoning : a novel / John Saul.Saul, John.PS3569.A787 H68
The Christmas cookie club : a novel / Ann Pearlman.Pearlman, Ann.PS3616.E253 C48
The tin drum / Günter Grass ; a new translation by Breon Mitchell.Grass, Günter, 1927-PT2613.R338 B5513
Call Numbers starting with Q : ScienceReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Does God play dice? : the mathematics of chaos / Ian Stewart.Stewart, Ian, 1945-Q172.5.C45 S74 1990
Labyrinths of reason : paradox, puzzles, and the frailty of knowledge / William Poundstone.Poundstone, William.Q175 .P8816 1988
A systematic classification of nonsilicate minerals / James A. Ferraiolo.Ferraiolo, James A.QH1 .A4
Bioethics / edited by Justin Oakley. QH332 .B5171 2009
Call Numbers starting with R : MedicineReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Hyping health risks : environmental hazards in daily life and the science of epidemiology / Geoffrey C. Kabat.Kabat, Geoffrey C.RA566.27 .K33 2008
Complementary and integrative medicine in pain management / Michael I. Weintraub, Ravinder Mamtani, Marc S. Micozzi, editors. RB127 .C643 2008
The doctors book of food remedies : the latest findings on the power of food to treat and prevent health problems--from aging and diabetes to ulcers and yeast infections / Selene Yeager and the editors of Prevention.Yeager, Selene.RM216 .Y38 2007b
Call Numbers starting with S : AgricultureReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
From yard to garden : the domestication of America's home grounds / Christopher Grampp.Grampp, Christopher.SB451.3 .G73 2008
Call Numbers starting with T : Engineering & TechnologyReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Laser applications in environmental monitoring / Luca Fiorani and Francesco Colao, editors. TD193 .L376 2008
Chinese food [by] Kenneth Lo.Lo, Kenneth H. C.TX724.5.C5 L596 1972
Call Numbers starting with U : Military ScienceReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Black Knights : the story of the Tuskegee airmen / by Lynn M. Homan and Thomas Reilly ; foreword by Louis R. Purnell.Homan, Lynn M.UG834.A37 H64 2002