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Library of Congress Subject Guide

Call Numbers starting with B : Philosophy, Psychology, ReligionReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Encyclopedia of Chinese philosophy / Antonio S. Cua, editor. B126 .E496 2003
Expect the unexpected (or you won't find it) : a creativity tool based on the ancient wisdom of Heraclitus / Roger von Oech ; illustrated by George Willett.Von Oech, Roger.B223 .V66 2001
The Stoic life : emotions, duties, and fate / Tad Brennan.Brennan, Tad, 1962-B528 .B72 2005
Finite and infinite games / James P. Carse.Carse, James P.BD431 .C297 1987
How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci : seven steps to genius every day / Michael J. Gelb.Gelb, Michael.BF408 .G37 2000
Five star mind : games and exercises to stimulate your creativity and imagination / Tom Wujec.Wujec, Tom.BF408 .W94 1995
Mapping inner space : learning and teaching mind mapping / by Nancy Margulies.Margulies, Nancy, Author, Illustrator.BF411 .M37 1991
Encyclopedia of counseling / Frederick T. L. Leong, editor-in-chief. BF636.54 .E53 2008
Social justice, multicultural counseling, and practice : beyond a conventional approach / Heesoon Jun.Jun, Heesoon.BF636.7.C76 J86 2010
TNT : the power within you : how to release the forces inside you and get what you want / by Claude M. Bristol and Harold Sherman.Bristol, Claude M. (Claude Myron), 1891-1951.BF637.S8 B714 1992x
Handbook for working with children and youth : pathways to resilience across cultures and contexts / edited by Michael Ungar. BF723.R46 H357 2005
Witching culture : folklore and neo-paganism in America / Sabina Magliocco.Magliocco, Sabina, 1959-BF1573 .M34 2004
Witchcraft and welfare : spiritual capital and the business of magic in modern Puerto Rico / Raquel Romberg.Romberg, Raquel.BF1584.P9 R66 2003
Laughter and ridicule : towards a social critique of humour / Michael Billig.Billig, Michael.BH301.C7 B55 2005
Bushido : the soul of Japan / Inaz¯o Nitobe.Nitobe, Inaz¯o, 1862-1933.BJ971.B8 N58 2002
The miracle of mind dynamics : a new way to triumphant living / by Joseph Murphy.Murphy, Joseph, 1898-1981.BJ1611.2 .M8 1964
Neuroscience, psychology, and religion : illusions, delusions, and realities about human nature / Malcolm Jeeves and Warren S. Brown.Jeeves, Malcolm A., 1926-BL53 .J5 2009
Tokugawa religion : the cultural roots of modern Japan / by Robert N. Bellah.Bellah, Robert Neelly, 1927-BL2210 .B42 1985
What Americans really believe : new findings from the Baylor surveys of religion / Rodney Stark with Christopher Bader ... [et al.].Stark, Rodney.BL2525 .S725 2008
A glossary of Islam / Dominique Sourdel and Janine Sourdel-Thomine ; translated by Caroline Higgitt.Sourdel, Dominique.BP40 .S6813 2007
The formation of Islam : religion and society in the Near East, 600-1800 / Jonathan P. Berkey.Berkey, Jonathan Porter.BP63.A35 B47 2003
American Islam : the struggle for the soul of a religion / Paul M. Barrett.Barrett, Paul (Paul M.).BP67.U6 B37 2008
Religion and American politics : from the colonial period to the present / edited by Mark A Noll and Luke E. Harlow. BR516 .R34 2007
Righteous riches : the Word of faith movement in contemporary African American religion / Milmon F. Harrison.Harrison, Milmon F.BR563.N4 H378 2005
Religious thought in the Victorian Age : challenges and reconceptions / James C. Livingston.Livingston, James C., 1930-BR759 .L58 2007
The plot to kill God : findings from the Soviet experiment in secularization / Paul Froese.Froese, Paul.BR936 .F76 2008
Jesus remembered / James D.G. Dunn.Dunn, James D. G., 1939-BT203 .D86 2003
The Mirror of the blessed life of Jesus Christ : a reading text / Nicholas Love ; edited by Michael G. Sargent.Love, Nicholas, fl. 1410.BT306.43 .L68 2004
Religious pluralism, democracy, and the Catholic Church in Latin America / edited by Frances Hagopian. BX1426.3 .R45 2009
Perversion of power : sexual abuse in the Catholic Church / Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea.Frawley-O'Dea, Mary Gail, 1950-BX1912.9 .F74 2007
Them that believe : the power and meaning of the Christian serpent-handling tradition / Ralph W. Hood, Jr., W. Paul Williamson.Hood, Ralph W.BX7990.H6 H66 2008
An introduction to Mormonism / Douglas J. Davies.Davies, Douglas James.BX8635.3 .D38 2003
Historical dictionary of the Puritans / Charles Pastoor, Galen K. Johnson.Pastoor, Charles, 1969-BX9323 .P37 2007
Call Numbers starting with C : Auxiliary Sciences of History (Archaelogoy, Genealogy, Biography, etc.)Return to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Predictions : [30 great minds on the future] / edited by Sian Griffiths ; with an introduction by Jonathan Weiner. CB161 .P72 1999
The Renaissance : a sourcebook / Lena Cowen Orlin. CB361 .O75 2009
The woman warrior : memoirs of a girlhood among ghosts / Maxine Hong Kingston.Kingston, Maxine Hong.CT275.K5764 A33 1989
Call Numbers starting with D : History -- Europe, Asia, Africa, OceaniaReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
The death of Luigi Trastulli, and other stories : form and meaning in oral history / Alessandro Portelli.Portelli, Alessandro.D16.14 .P67 1990
Traditions & encounters : a global perspective on the past / Jerry H. Bentley, Herbert F. Ziegler.Bentley, Jerry H., 1949-D20 .B42 2009
The Ottoman army, 1914-1918 : disease & death on the battlefield / Hikmet Özdemir ; translated by Saban Karda¸s.Özdemir, Hikmet, 1951-D629.T9 O928 2008
Life behind barbed wire : the World War II internment memoirs of a Hawai'i Issei / Yasutaro (Keiho) Soga ; translated by Kihei Hirai ; with an introduction by Tetsuden Kashima.Soga, Keiho, 1873-1957.D769.8.A6 S6613 2008
A short history of the French Revolution / Jeremy D. Popkin.Popkin, Jeremy D., 1948-DC148 .P67 2010
The diary of a Napoleonic foot soldier / Jakob Walter ; edited and with an introduction by Marc Raeff. --Walter, Jakob, 1788-1864.DC226.5 .W3513 1991
The Cambridge companion to archaic Greece / edited by H. A. Shapiro. DF77 .C317 2007
Revolutionary dreams : utopian vision and experimental life in the Russian Revolution / Richard Stites.Stites, Richard, 1931-DK266.4 .S75 1989
Revolution on my mind : writing a diary under Stalin / Jochen Hellbeck.Hellbeck, Jochen.DK268.A1 H45 2009
Stalin : a new history / edited by Sarah Davies and James Harris. DK268.S8 S632 2005
Preserving Petersburg : history, memory, nostalgia / edited by Helena Goscilo and Stephen M. Norris. DK552 .P73 2008
Soul hunters : hunting, animism, and personhood among the Siberian Yukaghirs / Rane Willerslev.Willerslev, Rane, 1971-DK759.Y8 W55 2007
The ornament of the world : how Muslims, Jews, and Christians created a culture of tolerance in medieval Spain / María Rosa Menocal ; [foreword by Harold Bloom].Menocal, Maria Rosa.DP99 .M465 2002b
Power and protest : global revolution and the rise of detente / Jeremi Suri.Suri, Jeremi.DS49 .S83 2003
Memories of Jewish life : from Italy to Jerusalem, 1918-1960 / Augusto Segre ; translated and with an introduction by Steve Siporin ; foreword by Tamar Segre and Daniel Segre.Segre, Augusto.DS135.I9 S43713 2008
Eye on Israel : how America came to view the Jewish state as an ally / Michelle Mart.Mart, Michelle, 1964-DS143 .M32 2006
The devil we know : dealing with the new Iranian superpower / Robert Baer.Baer, Robert.DS318.9 .B34 2008c
West across the Pacific : the American involvement in East Asia from 1898 to the Vietnam War / F. Hilary Conroy and Francis Conroy, with Sophie Quinn-Judge.Conroy, Hilary, 1919-DS518.8 .C625 2008
Why did they kill? : Cambodia in the shadow of genocide / Alexander Laban Hinton.Hinton, Alexander Laban.DS554.8 .H56 2005
The Columbia guide to the Vietnam War / David L. Anderson.Anderson, David L., 1946-DS557.5 .A54 2002
Memory is another country : women of the Vietnamese diaspora / Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen.Nguyen, Nathalie Huynh Chau.DS559.913 .N46 2009
A history of Thailand / Chris Baker, Pasuk Phongpaichit.Baker, Christopher John, 1948-DS571 .B35 2009
Struggling giant : China in the 21st century / Kerry Brown ; foreword by Jonathan Fenby.Brown, Kerry, 1967-DS706 .B716 2007
Why Taiwan? : geostrategic rationales for China's territorial integrity / Alan M. Wachman.Wachman, Alan.DS740.5.T28 W33 2007
Mao's China and the cold war / Chen Jian.Chen, Jian, 1952-DS777.8 .C4314 2001
Fan you yan jiu wen ji = Research on the Anti-rightist campaign / Lao gai ji jin hui, Zhongguo xin xi zhong xin.Fan you yun dong 50 zhou nian guo ji xue shu yan tao hui (2007 June 6-7 : Princeton, NJ).DS778.5 .F36 2008
The violence of liberation : gender and Tibetan Buddhist revival in post-Mao China / Charlene E. Makley.Makley, Charlene E., 1964-DS786 .M295 2007
The Nanking atrocity, 1937-38 : complicating the picture / edited by Bob Tadashi Wakabayashi. DS797.56.N365 N38 2007
Edo Culture : daily life and diversions in urban Japan, 1600-1868 / Nishiyama Matsunosuke ; translated and edited by Gerald Groemer.Nishiyama, Matsunosuke, 1912-DS822.2 .N558 1997
Erotic grotesque nonsense : the mass culture of Japanese modern times / Miriam Silverberg.Silverberg, Miriam Rom, 1951-2008.DS822.4 .S63 2006
The conquest of Ainu lands : ecology and culture in Japanese expansion, 1590-1800 / Brett L. Walker.Walker, Brett L., 1967-DS832 .W35 2001
From Mahan to Pearl Harbor : the imperial Japanese navy and the United States / Sadao Asada.Asada, Sadao, 1936-DS839.7 .A87 2006
State and diplomacy in early modern Japan : Asia in the development of the Tokugawa Bakufu / Ronald P. Toby.Toby, Ronald P., 1942-DS871.7 .T6 1991
Sakamoto Ry¯oma and the Meiji restoration / by Marius B. Jansen.Jansen, Marius B.DS881.3 .J28 1994
Modern Japan / Peter Duus.Duus, Peter, 1933-DS881.9 .D88 1998
The Iwakura mission in America and Europe : a new assessment / edited by Ian Nish. DS882.6 .I92 1998
Japanese imperialism, 1894-1945 / W.G. Beasley.Beasley, W. G. (William G.), 1919-2006.DS885.48 .B43 1987
From Marco Polo Bridge to Pearl Harbor : who was responsible? / foreword by editor-in-chief Tsuneo Watanabe ; edited by James E. Auer. DS888.5 .K4613 2006
Japan rising : the resurgence of Japanese power and purpose / Kenneth B. Pyle.Pyle, Kenneth B.DS889.5 .P95 2007
Japanese foreign policy at the crossroads : challenges and options for the twenty-first century / Yutaka Kawashima.Kawashima, Yutaka, 1942-DS891.2 .K39 2003
Visions of Ryukyu : identity and ideology in early-modern thought and politics / Gregory Smits.Smits, Gregory, 1960-DS895.R95 S65 1999
Middle passages : African American journeys to Africa, 1787-2005 / James Campbell.Campbell, James T.DT12.25 .C36 2006
Mereruka and his family / N. Kanawati and M. Abder-Raziq ; with contributions by E. Alexakis ... [et al.]. DT73.S3 K36 2004
A history of Ankole / H. F. Morris ; with a foreword by Z.C.K. Mungonya.Morris, Henry Francis.DT433.29.A54 M67 1962
When victims become killers : colonialism, nativism, and the genocide in Rwanda / Mahmood Mamdani.Mamdani, Mahmood, 1946-DT450.435 .M35 2001
Sexuality and the stories of indigenous people / edited by Jessica Hutchings and Clive Aspin. DU423.S48 S48 2007
Call Numbers starting with E : History -- United StatesReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Arts of the Indian Americas : leaves from the sacred tree / by Jamake Highwater.Highwater, Jamake.E59.A73 H53 2001
Peace came in the form of a woman : Indians and Spaniards in the Texas borderlands / Juliana Barr.Barr, Juliana.E78.T4 B37 2007
Kennewick Man : perspectives on the ancient one / Heather Burke ... [et al.], editors. E78.W3 K46 2008
Silent victims : hate crimes against Native Americans / Barbara Perry.Perry, Barbara, 1962-E98.C87 P46 2008
Crazy Horse : a Lakota life / Kingsley M. Bray.Bray, Kingsley M., 1956-E99.O3 C72163 2006
Life on the rocks : one woman's adventures in petroglyph preservation / Katherine Wells.Wells, Katherine.E99.P9 W425 2009
Japanamerica : how Japanese pop culture has invaded the U.S. / Roland Kelts.Kelts, Roland.E169.12 .K46 2006
Encyclopedia of American military history / Spencer C. Tucker, general editor ; associate editors David Coffey, John C. Fredriksen, Justin D. Murphy. E181 .E63 2003
Washington's China : the national security world, the Cold War, and the origins of globalism / James Peck.Peck, James, 1944-E183.8.C5 P395 2006
The U.S.-Japan alliance : past, present, and future / edited by Michael J. Green, Patrick M. Cronin. E183.8.J3 U15 1999
U.S.-Japan relations in a changing world / Steven K. Vogel, editor. E183.8.J3 U745 2002
Asian Americans : a statistical sourcebook. E184.A75 A842647
Mediating Chicana/o culture : multicultural American vernacular / edited by Scott L. Baugh. E184.M5 M4 2008
Next of kin : the family in Chicano/a cultural politics / Richard T. Rodríguez.Rodríguez, Richard T., 1971-E184.M5 R588 2009
Latino/a rights and justice in the United States : perspectives and approaches / José Luis Morín.Morín, José Luis.E184.S75 M675 2009
Running for freedom : civil rights and Black politics in America since 1941 / Steven F. Lawson.Lawson, Steven F., 1945-E185.61 .L38 2009
Anatomy of four race riots : racial conflict in Knoxville, Elaine (Arkansas), Tulsa and Chicago, 1919-1921 / by Lee E. Williams and Lee E. Williams II ; foreword by Roy Wilkins.Williams, Lee E., 1914-E185.61 .W736 2008
What makes the great great : strategies for extraordinary achievement / Dennis P. Kimbro.Kimbro, Dennis Paul, 1950-E185.625 .K55 1997
Ida, a sword among lions : Ida B. Wells and the campaign against lynching / Paula J. Giddings.Giddings, Paula.E185.97.W55 G43 2008
A leap in the dark : the struggle to create the American republic / John Ferling.Ferling, John E.E195 .F47 2003
Anthony Burns : the defeat and triumph of a fugitive slave / by Virginia Hamilton.Hamilton, Virginia, 1936-2002.E450.B93 H36 2001
Decade of nightmares : the end of the sixties and the making of eighties America / Philip Jenkins.Jenkins, Philip, 1952-E839 .J46 2006
Barack and Michelle : portrait of an American marriage / Christopher Andersen.Andersen, Christopher P.E908.3 .A53 2009
Call Numbers starting with F : History -- Canada, Mexico, Central & South AmericaReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Taming democracy : "the people," the founders, and the troubled ending of the American Revolution / Terry Bouton.Bouton, Terry.F153 .B75 2007
Ready, booted, and spurred : Arkansas in the U.S.-Mexican war / William A. Frazier & Mark K. Christ, editors ; contributors, Donald S. Frazier ... [et al.]. F411 .R43 2009
Separate peoples, one land : the minds of Cherokees, Blacks, and Whites on the Tennessee frontier / Cynthia Cumfer.Cumfer, Cynthia.F445.A1 C86 2007
Just like us : the true story of four Mexican girls coming of age in America / Helen Thorpe.Thorpe, Helen, 1965-F784.D49 M58 2009
Dead in their tracks : crossing America's desert borderlands in the new era / John Annerino ; photography and maps by the author.Annerino, John.F786 .A57 2009
Mexicans in revolution, 1910-1946 : an introduction / William H. Beezley & Colin M. MacLachlan.Beezley, William H.F1234 .B37 2009
Mexico City through history and culture / edited by Linda A. Newson & John P. King. F1386 .M495 2009
Race and classification : the case of Mexican America / edited by Ilona Katzew and Susan Deans-Smith ; with a preface by William B. Taylor. F1392.A1 R33 2009
Colonial Latin America / Mark A. Burkholder, Lyman L. Johnson.Burkholder, Mark A., 1943-F1412 .B96 2008
Dividing the Isthmus : Central American transnational histories, literatures, and cultures / by Ana Patricia Rodríguez.Rodríguez, Ana Patricia, 1963-F1436 .R68 2009
The Haitian revolution / Toussaint L'Ouverture ; introduction by Jean-Bertrand Aristide ; edited by Nick Nesbitt.Toussaint Louverture, 1743?-1803.F1923 .T63 2008
Evil hour in Colombia / Forrest Hylton.Hylton, Forrest.F2273 .H94 2006
The last days of the Incas / Kim MacQuarrie.MacQuarrie, Kim.F3442 .M33 2008
Deconstructing legitimacy : viceroys, merchants, and the military in late colonial Peru / Patricia H. Marks.Marks, Patricia H.F3446 .M37 2007
Call Numbers starting with G : Geography, Anthropology, Oceanography, Sports & RecreationReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Turizm : the Russian and East European tourist under capitalism and socialism / edited by Anne E. Gorsuch, Diane P. Koenker. G155.R8 T875 2006
Map use & analysis / John Campbell.Campbell, John, 1932-GA151 .C25 2001
Place matters : geospatial tools for marine science, conservation, and management in the Pacific Northwest / edited by Dawn J. Wright and Astrid J. Scholz ; foreword by Sylvia A. Earle. GC38.5 .P53 2005
Native Americans and the environment : perspectives on the ecological Indian / edited and with an introduction by Michael E. Harkin and David Rich Lewis ; foreword by Judith Antell ; preface by Brian Hosmer ; afterword by Shepard Krech III. GF501 .N37 2007
A history of ethnology / Fred W. Voget.Voget, Fred W.GN17 .V63 1975
The Jesuit and the skull : Teilhard de Chardin, evolution, and the search for Peking Man / Amir D. Aczel.Aczel, Amir D.GN284.7 .A29 2007
Variation in kinship [by] Ernest L. Schusky.Schusky, Ernest Lester, 1931-GN480 .S36 1974
Family and social policy in Japan : anthropological approaches / edited by Roger Goodman. GN635.J2 F36 2002
Dancing skeletons : life and death in West Africa / Katherine A. Dettwyler.Dettwyler, Katherine A.GN655.M22 .D48 1994
Philippine folk literature : an anthology / [compiled and edited by] Damiana L. Eugenio. GR325 .P45 2007
Of corpse : death and humor in folklore and popular culture / edited by Peter Narváez. GR455 .O43 2003
Service learning for health, physical education, and recreation : a step-by-step guide / Cheryl Stevens.Stevens, Cheryl.GV365 .S57 2008
Taking the field : women, men, and sports / Michael A. Messner.Messner, Michael A.GV706.32 .M47 2002
The mental edge : maximize your sports potential with the mind-body connection / Kenneth Baum with Richard Trubo.Baum, Kenneth.GV706.4 .B38 1999
Body mind mastery : creating success in sport and life / Dan Millman.Millman, Dan.GV706.4 .M53 1999
Sustainable Olympic design and urban development / Adrian Pitts and Hanwen Liao.Pitts, Adrian C.GV721.9 .P58 2009
Trial by basketball : the life and times of Tex Winter / by Mark Bender ; foreword by Phil Jackson.Bender, Mark C. (Mark Christian), 1951-GV884.W59 B46 2000
And the walls came tumbling down : the basketball game that changed American sports / Frank Fitzpatrick.Fitzpatrick, Frank.GV885.43.U53 F58 2000
Science, math, checkmate : 32 chess activities for inquiry and problem solving / Alexey W. Root ; foreword by Max and Hiroko Warshauer.Root, Alexey W.GV1446 .R663 2008
The dance experience : insights into history, culture, and creativity / Myron Howard Nadel and Marc Raymond Strauss.Nadel, Myron Howard.GV1595 .N3 2003
Merce Cunningham : the modernizing of modern dance / Roger Copeland.Copeland, Roger.GV1785.C86 C67 2004
Call Numbers starting with H : Social Sciences, BusinessReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Telephone survey methodology / edited by Robert M. Groves ... [et al.]. H91 .T45 2001
Freakonomics : a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything / Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner.Levitt, Steven D.HB74.P8 L479 2009
Dictionary and introduction to global environmental governance / Richard E. Saunier and Richard A. Meganck.Saunier, Richard E.HC79.E5 S2675 2009
Inside the tornado : marketing strategies from Silicon Valley's cutting edge / Geoffrey A. Moore.Moore, Geoffrey A., 1946-HC79.H53 M66 1995
Point of purchase : how shopping changed American culture / Sharon Zukin.Zukin, Sharon.HC110.C6 Z85 2005
Poverty knowledge : social science, social policy, and the poor in twentieth-century U.S. history / Alice O'Connor.O'Connor, Alice, 1958-HC110.P6 O33 2001
Lectures on modern Japanese economic history : 1926-1994 / Nakamura Takafusa.Nakamura, Takafusa, 1925-HC462.8 .N25613 1994
Regime shift : comparative dynamics of the Japanese political economy / T.J. Pempel.Pempel, T. J., 1942-HC462.9 .P413 1998
Japan remodeled : how government and industry are reforming Japanese capitalism / Steven K. Vogel.Vogel, Steven Kent.HC462.95 .V64 2006
Japan's lost decade / Hiroshi Yoshikawa ; translated by Charles H. Stewart.Yoshikawa, Hiroshi, 1951-HC462.95 .Y67313 2002
Digest of Ethiopia's national policies, strategies and programs / edited by Taye Assefa. HC845 .D52 2008
Why decisions fail : avoiding the blunders and traps that lead to debacles / Paul C. Nutt.Nutt, Paul C.HD30.23 .N883 2002
101 creative problem solving techniques : the handbook of new ideas for business / James M. Higgins.Higgins, James M.HD30.29 .H54 1994
Harnessing complexity : organizational implications of a scientific frontier / Robert Axelrod and Michael D. Cohen.Axelrod, Robert M.HD31 .A897 1999
Handbook of technology and innovation management / edited by Scott Shane. HD45 .H295 2008
Jump start your brain / Doug Hall with David Wecker.Hall, Doug, 1959-HD53 .H35 1996
The negotiation toolkit : how to get exactly what you want in any business or personal situation / Roger J. Volkema.Volkema, Roger J.HD58.6 .V65 1999
Four practical revolutions in management : systems for creating unique organizational capability / Sh¯oji Shiba, David Walden ; with contributions by Alan Graham, John Petrolini, and many others.Shiba, Sh¯oji, 1933-HD62.15 .S55 2001
Own your own corporation : why the rich own their own companies and everyone else works for them / Garrett Sutton.Sutton, Garrett.HD62.7 .S977 2001
Managing project uncertainty / David Cleden.Cleden, David.HD69.P75 C5224 2009
No b.s. time management for entrepreneurs : the ultimate, no holds barred, kick butt, take no prisoners, guide to time, productivity, and sanity / Dan Kennedy.Kennedy, Dan S., 1954-HD69.T54 K46 1996
21st-century Japanese management : new systems, lasting values / James C. Abegglen.Abegglen, James C.HD70.J3 A259 2006
Stock market capitalism : welfare capitalism : Japan and Germany versus the Anglo-Saxons / Ronald Dore.Dore, Ronald Philip.HD70.J3 D67 2000
75 cage-rattling questions to change the way you work : shake-em-up questions to open meetings, ignite discussion, and spark creativity / Dick Whitney, Melissa Giovagnoli.Whitney, Dick.HD2743 .W526 1997
The Japanese firm : the sources of competitive strength / edited by Masahiko Aoki and Ronald Dore. HD2907 .J347 1994
The economics of work in Japan / Koike Kazuo.Koike, Kazuo, 1932-HD5706 .K6873 1996
Waves of opposition : labor and the struggle for democratic radio / Elizabeth Fones-Wolf.Fones-Wolf, Elizabeth A., 1954-HD6490.R352 U648 2006
Race for the exits : the unraveling of Japan's system of social protection / Leonard J. Schoppa.Schoppa, Leonard J. (Leonard James), 1962-HD7227 .S37 2006
Renegades of the empire : a tale of success, failure, and other dark deeds inside fortress Microsoft / Michael Drummond.Drummond, Michael, 1964-HD9696.63.U62 D78 2000
The sun also sets : the limits to Japan's economic power / Bill Emmott.Emmott, Bill.HF1601 .E49 1991
A Russian merchant's tale : the life and adventures of Ivan Alekseevich Tolchënov, based on his diary / David L. Ransel.Ransel, David L.HF3630.2.Z8 M677 2009
The triple bottom line : how today's best-run companies are achieving economic, social, and environmental success-and how you can too / Andrew W. Savitz and Karl Weber.Savitz, Andrew W.HF5386 .S346 2006
Shopping as an entertainment experience / Mark Moss.Moss, Mark Howard, 1962-HF5461 .M67 2007
Tsukiji : the fish market at the center of the world / Theodore C. Bestor.Bestor, Theodore C.HF5475.J3 T65 2004
Principles of management accounting : the question book / Nick Wood, Owen Skae.Wood, Nick.HF5657.4 .W663 2008
Beyond words : a guide to drawing out ideas / Milly R. Sonneman.Sonneman, Milly R.HF5734.5 .S66 1997
Principles of fundraising : theory and practice / Wesley E. Lindahl.Lindahl, Wesley E., 1954-HG177 .L55 2010
Japan's financial crisis : institutional rigidity and reluctant change / Jennifer A. Amyx.Amyx, Jennifer Ann.HG187.J3 A49 2004
The globalization of poverty and the new world order / Michel Chossudovsky.Chossudovsky, Michel.HG3881.5.I58 C47 2003
Controller's handbook / Nick A. Shepherd.Shepherd, Nick.HG4027.35 .S43 2008
The politics of deviance / Anne Hendershott.Hendershott, Anne B.HM811 .H46 2002
Language and interracial communication in the United States : speaking in black and white / George B. Ray.Ray, George B.HM1211 .R39 2009
Polling and the public : what every citizen should know / Herbert Asher.Asher, Herbert B.HM1236 .A75 2007
Survey research methods / Floyd J. Fowler, Jr.Fowler, Floyd J.HN29 .F68 2009
Queer Ricans : cultures and sexualities in the diaspora / Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes.La Fountain-Stokes, Lawrence M. (Lawrence Martin), 1968-HQ76.3.U5 L3 2009
Human trafficking and human security / edited by Anna Jonsson. HQ281 .H865 2009
The modern family in Japan : its rise and fall / by Chizuko Ueno.Ueno, Chizuko, 1948-HQ682 .U44413 2009
Maternal encounters : the ethics of interruption / Lisa Baraitser.Baraitser, Lisa, 1967-HQ759 .B268 2009
Reproductive rights in a global context : South Africa, Uganda, Peru, Denmark, United States, Vietnam, Jordan / Lara M. Knudsen ; foreword by Betsy Hartmann.Knudsen, Lara M.HQ766 .K65 2006
How children develop / Robert Siegler, Judy DeLoache, Nancy Eisenberg.Siegler, Robert S.HQ767.9 .S534 2006
Assessing the validity of the Qualistar early learning quality rating and improvement system as a tool for improving child-care quality / Gail L. Zellman ... [et al.] : prepared for Qualistar Early Learning. HQ778.63 .A77 2008
Beyond benign neglect : early childhood care, development and nutrition in metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria / Tade Akin Aina ... [et al.]. HQ792.N5 B49 2008
Mormon polygamous families : life in the principle / Jessie L. Embry.Embry, Jessie L.HQ994 .E52 2008
Our bodies, our crimes : the policing of women's reproduction in America / Jeanne Flavin.Flavin, Jeanne, 1965-HQ1236.5.U6 F532 2009
Gender and development : the Japanese experience in comparative perspective / edited by Mayumi Murayama. HQ1240.5.J3 G46 2005
Adapting cities to climate change : understanding and addressing the development challenges / edited by Jane Bicknell, David Dodman and David Satterthwaite. HT241 .A33 2009
Urban China in transition / edited by John R. Logan. HT384.C6 U73 2008
Specters of the Atlantic : finance capital, slavery, and the philosophy of history / Ian Baucom.Baucom, Ian, 1967-HT1162 .B38 2005
Many middle passages : forced migration and the making of the modern world / edited by Emma Christopher, Cassandra Pybus, Marcus Rediker. HT1322 .M27 2007
Human rights and social work : towards rights-based practice / Jim Ife.Ife, Jim, 1946-HV10.5 .I34 2008
Research methods for social workers : a practice-based approach / Cynthia A. Faulkner and Samuel S. Faulkner.Faulkner, Cynthia A.HV11 .F37 2009
Incorporating intersectionality in social work practice, research, policy, and education / Yvette Murphy ... [et al.]. HV40 .I52 2009
Single-case design for clinical social workers / Jennifer Di Noia and Tony Tripodi.Di Noia, Jennifer.HV43 .D576 2008
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Call Numbers starting with K : LawReturn to Top
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Call Numbers starting with M : MusicReturn to Top
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Call Numbers starting with N : Architecture, ArtReturn to Top
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Call Numbers starting with P : Language, LiteratureReturn to Top
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Call Numbers starting with Q : ScienceReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
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Call Numbers starting with R : MedicineReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Living will, living well : reflections on preparing an advance directive / M. Dianne Godkin.Godkin, Dianne.R726.2 .G63 2008
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Call Numbers starting with S : AgricultureReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Water and cereals in drylands / P. Koohafkan, B.A. Stewart.Koohafkan, P. (Parviz).S613 .K665 2008
Nature unbound : conservation, capitalism and the future of protected areas / Dan Brockington, Rosaleen Duffy and Jim Igoe.Brockington, Dan.S928 .B76 2008
The new Oxford book of food plants / J.G. Vaughan & C.A. Geissler ; illustrations by B.E. Nicholson, Elisabeth Dowle & Elizabeth Rice.Vaughan, J. G. (John Griffith).SB175 .V38 2009
Designing California native gardens : the plant community approach to artful, ecological gardens / Glenn Keator and Alrie Middlebrook.Keator, Glenn.SB439.24.C2 K43 2007
Call Numbers starting with T : Engineering & TechnologyReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
The ethics of technological risk / edited by Lotte Asveld and Sabine Roeser. T174.5 .E84 2009
Nanotechnology : risk, ethics and law / edited by Geoffrey Hunt and Michael D. Mehta. T 174.7 N186 2006
Secrets from an inventor's notebook / Maurice Kanbar ; with a foreword by Phil Baechler.Kanbar, Maurice.T339 .K23 2001
Handbook of systems engineering and management / edited by Andrew P. Sage and William B. Rouse. TA168 .H33 2009
The world's water, 2008-2009 : the biennial report on freshwater resources / Peter H. Gleick ; with Heather Cooley ... [et al.].Gleick, Peter H.TD345 .G54 2009
Water reuse : an international survey of current practice, issues and needs / edited by Blanca Jiménez and Takashi Asano. TD429 .W38513 2008
Urban stormwater management in the United States / Committee on Reducing Stormwater Discharge Contributions to Water Pollution, Water Science and Technology Board, Division on Earth and Life Studies, National Research Council of the National Academies. TD657 .U73 2009
A handbook of sustainable building design and engineering : an integrated approach to energy, health and operational performance / edited by Dejan Mumovic and Mat Santamouris. TH880 .H358 2009
Energy science : principles, technologies, and impacts / John Andrews and Nick Jelley.Andrews, John.TJ163.2 .A54 2007
Loving the machine : the art and science of Japanese robots / Timothy N. Hornyak.Hornyak, Timothy N.TJ211 .H66 2006
Web services : principles and technology / Michael P. Papazoglou.Papazoglou, M., 1953-TK5105.88813 .P37 2008
Design rules / Carliss Y. Baldwin and Kim B. Clark.Baldwin, Carliss Y. (Carliss Young).TK7885.A5 B35 1999
The evolution of a manufacturing system at Toyota / Takahiro Fujimoto.Fujimoto, Takahiro, 1955-TL278 .F83 1999
A dictionary of the space age / Paul Dickson.Dickson, Paul.TL788 .D48 2009
Call Numbers starting with U : Military ScienceReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
North Korean reform : politics, economics and security / Robert L. Carlin and Joel S. Wit.Carlin, Robert, 1947-U162 .A3 no.382
Cultural norms and national security : police and military in postwar Japan / Peter J. Katzenstein.Katzenstein, Peter J.UA845 .K376 1996
Securing Japan : Tokyo's grand strategy and the future of East Asia / Richard J. Samuels.Samuels, Richard J.UA845 .S328 2007
Call Numbers starting with Z : Library & Information ScienceReturn to Top
TitleAuthorCall Number
Information literacy meets library 2.0 / edited by Peter Godwin and Jo Parker. Z674.75.I58 I54 2008
Conducting the reference interview : a how to do itmanual for librarians.Ross, Catherine Sheldrick.Z711 .R64 2009
Using technology to teach information literacy / edited by Thomas P. Mackey and Trudi E. Jacobson. ZA3075 .U85 2008
Going beyond Google : the Invisible Web in learning and teaching / Jane Devine and Francine Egger-Sider.Devine, Jane, 1947-ZA4237 .D4 2009