Partner Libraries - Mutual Use Network Privileges

Partner Libraries

Mutual Use Network privileges
  • CSULA students and faculty may check out materials at mutual use libraries.
  • Students and faculty from mutual use libraries may check out materials from the CSULA library.
  • To borrow books and other circulating materials, mutual use borrowers must present a valid student ID card ("Golden Eagle One Card" ID card if from CSULA) and proof of current registration, such as a paid receipt, official schedule of classes or registration sticker.
  • Mutual use borrowers may check out books according to the rules established at the lending library. The off-campus borrowers row in the Loan and Fee Policies Table describes mutual use borrowing rules at CSULA.

The Mutual Use Network includes all 23 California State University campuses and selected local community colleges and university libraries.

To find information about local libraries, both inside and outside of our Mutual Use Network, go to our Local Library Web Sites page.

California State University Libraries

Local CSU Libraries

CSU Dominguez Hills - University Library
directions  |  map  |  310-243-3700  |  library catalog
CSU Fullerton - Pollak Library
directions  |  map  |  714-278-2633  |  library catalog
CSU Long Beach - University Library
directions  |  map  |  562-985-4047  |  library catalog
CSU Northridge  - University Library
directions/map  |  818-677-2285  |  library catalog
CSU Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona) - University Library
directions  |  map  | 909-869-3084  |  library catalog

Complete list of all California State University library websites.

Community College Libraries

East Los Angeles College (ELAC) - Helen Miller Bailey Library
directions  |   323-265-8758  |  library catalog
Glendale Community College (GCC) - Library
directions  |  map  |  818-240-1000  |  library catalog
Los Angeles Trade Tech College - Library
directions   |   213-763-3950   |  Library catalog
Pasadena City College (PCC) - Shatford Library
directions   |  626-585-7174  |  library catalog
Rio Hondo College (RHC) - Library
directions   |  562-908-3417   |  library catalog

Outside our Mutual Use Network

  University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Libraries
directions |  map |  310-825-1323  |  library catalog
Note: Although UCLA is not officially within our Mutual Use Network, CSULA faculty members get free borrowing privileges at most UCLA libraries. If you are a student, you may purchase a UCLA library card. For more information, consult UCLA's Cards for External Users web page.

  University of Southern California (USC) - Libraries
directions  |  map  |  213-740-4039  |  library catalog
Note: CSULA faculty members pay $50.00 for six months of circulation privileges. CSULA students may purchase a USC library card for $25.00 for six months. Please note student applications are subject to review; can only be purchased with a check; and are sent by mail to your home address. For more information, contact Doheny Memorial Library at 213-740-2924.

   Complete list of all University of California library websites.