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Recent Postings of Library User Comments and
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Below are some recent postings of comments which the Library Administration has received from users. Each comment is posted anonymously and appears with the Library Administration's response. See, below, how confidential comments and responses are treated. Postings will
be updated periodically.

SUGGESTION: I love our library, which is why I'm sharing my thoughts. I am writing a regards to at least a couple of the doors on the second floor of the north wing leading eastward from the computer area to the books and tables area. It seems like the hinges are too tight and so they close extremely hard which is very loud and also dangerous. I think it's just the hinges. If fixing the problem is not an option, at least some signs saying "please close gently" or something to that degree might help at least.

Thank you so much for what ever you can do about this and for everything that you do already.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your email in which you share some thoughts and concerns about the CSULA Library. We are glad to read that you love our library.

As to the doors that need repairs, a work order has been submitted to have them repaired. As always, we continue to work on improving the services and resources that we provide all our customers. Thank you for your recommendations.

Good luck with all your endeavors. (CC - 3/07)

CONFIDENTIAL COMMENTS: Occasionally we receive comments regarding problems our users have had with service from a Library employee who is named or otherwise identified. If these comments are anonymous we cannot reply to the person making the complaint. Also note it is not our practice to post such comments as they are subjective evaluations and may not be fair to the individual. This is consistent with our comment form which states "Most comments, together with the Library Administration's responses, will be posted in two locations:...".

We do take such anonymous complaints quite seriously, and the appropriate Library supervisor will investigate the allegation and discuss it with the individual mentioned. If you wish to include your name and email on such comments we will reply to you personally, and will discuss your concern further if you request.